Desenvolvimento de jogos para Noobs | Guia do iniciante

Lista de desejos do meu jogo Len’s Island no Steam: Aprenda como funcionam os fundamentos do desenvolvimento de jogos, desde o código até as cenas e ativos e as plataformas que os jogos usam. Composição para Noobs: =9VVzCr3c9Jk&t=2s Fotografia para Noobs: Teoria das Cores para Noobs: https:/ / Instagram: Twitter: Meu site: Behance: http:// Creative Station: Julian Ball / Flow Graphics


49 thoughts on “Desenvolvimento de jogos para Noobs | Guia do iniciante

  1. Okay everyone scroll down to see the correct answers for the problem!
    1. Polygon! All meshes are made from polygons. Within games polygons must be 3 sided/triangles, though typically in animation and 3D design polygons are 4 sided.
    2. Code! All it needs is code so we can start giving the ball commands on what to do and when.
    3. 3D in almost all scenarios will run slower in comparison. Almost anything can slow down a game though, an 8k 2D image with an intense shader/material will put a lot more stress on the game than a normal 3D model.

  2. Never get tempted to the dark-side. Don't be willing to discredit yourself by being an arse. Never listen to people who ask you Pay $1m for a book that teaches you to be toxic and cheat consumers for example… you will end up with no-recourse other than be entrenched and enslaved after starting a business making a few hundred grands short of your loan, get into a high-paying job that sabotages you and give you falsehopes, then throw out to others for the kill. Enslaved for life by the cheap-charlie military and bankrupt billionaires is the usual ending. Toxics cannibalising toxics leading to dumb and dumber.

  3. Imagine building up a 3D battle royal game but you can fly to different planets with rockets like something futuristic, It'd be like an open world battle royal game, dude that's insane

  4. 17-year-old here aspiring to be a game dev, I'm studying math, physics, coding I don't care how much math I need I really love playing videogames and being able to build your own videogame and playing on top of that you can make money out of it is my dream
    EDIT: I'm start off by myself, And as I gain more knowledge, I'll try to reach out to other people that is also aspiring to creat videogames so we can team up and maybe creat our own company or something

  5. These videos are really helpful, I watch them with my friends on Voicely whenever we practice coding. We all agree that we learned more from YouTube videos than from school lol

  6. I'm lost deep in code right now. Learning c++. I understand the need to understand code and functions etc. Im wondering how often I will find the need for complex arithmetic operations? Will I need to use modulo operator? To me some seems un necessary for game dev. I understand it takes practice and time but am curios to explore game engine yse to make crude working models but don't want to jump in without understanding the root.. suggestions are welcome. I picked cpp case its a more complicated language with more keywords than others and I believe it has good functionality.

  7. I wanna share my life story… I dreamed of becoming one of the famous devs in the world. sadly I was forced to take Mechanical Engineering, since I was a kid, I had the passion to develop games, I really love mario, it gave me the feeling to develop games and see the people how they will react/enjoy your hardwork. But in my case there were no school of game development around my hometown. When pandemic strikes I was turning my first year college, I thought this would be the perfect time to start schooling on far schools since all the learning methods are through online. Just as I'm not expecting my dad refuses to take me on to game development. Yeah I can understand him because he was born in 1970s. Games are just for fun at that time, only few people can appreciate games in those years. It's just sad that you can't reach your childhood dreams just because no one supports you in your passion. I can't support my self since I have no Job, I'm just a dependent student on parents. I feel sad until now, so I just decided to learn game development on YouTube, just incase I can't pass or I fail my career on Engineering, it will be easier now for me to switch course/field (you know it's hard to work/learn on things that you really don't like/love..)

    Subscribed ❤️.. I hope I can learn more on this channel😊

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