Top 100 da melhor plataforma Arcade e jogos de corrida e arma

Melhores jogos de plataforma Arcade / run n gun / jogos de plataforma de ação dos anos 80 e 90 (principalmente) Listados em nenhuma ordem específica, são apenas 100 …


37 thoughts on “Top 100 da melhor plataforma Arcade e jogos de corrida e arma

  1. Kudos for making this awesome video. I saw a great mix of classics and a bunch I've never seen. Excited to begin a new retro exploration.

  2. I know it's fat chance but I'm looking for an old run and gun/platformer, where one of the bosses is a giant, floating rock head that would shoot/breathe fireballs at the player. Sadly it's been ages and that's the only thing I really remember about the game for sure, I think it looked more or less like Contra, but that's about it

  3. I've been looking for WARDNER since I downloaded MAME and I wasn't able to remember the name of the game. No one listed it in their videos but you. Thank you.

  4. If we are still hunting there was a game I played once in my youth while at some sort of arcade for a Christian field trip

    All I remember is you were a guy in a red suit (or a woman in military garb) running through a facility and shooting bad guys. Also I remember there being tanks and some form of electrical vehicle. Probably not a lot to go off of, but that because I was little at the time and played it only once

  5. i need some help to find a game, it was up to 4 players, and you were some kind of gangster, with a nice suit, and a hat, all i remember is that you could pick up guna from the ground to kill the other gangsters or idk what they were, and that you could shoot courtains and hide behind them, also you could dodge bullets, like do a roll on a side

  6. Does anyone know an arcade game where there's a lot of doors elevators and enemies behind them it isn't a shooter or platformer I think you have to suck them in vacuum machine kind of thing or maybe you kill them by different traps or both

  7. I remeber there is a side-scrolling FPS arcade game but I forgot the name , maybe you know it

    The game is about fighting virus infected creatures , the human become like zombie or more like a walking carrion , the main character use rifle to kill those creature and report to the space station base, the space station is held by two anime style girl with cat ear , giveing main charact missions ; the story will lead you to a millitary-base/air-field? to destroy the final boss , the final boss is like a giant combination meat pill. After the mission , main character back to the space station , and found those two girl eye turned blood red and become very violent ,comfirmed infected , then both of them got shot to death ,the end.

    Trying to find this for a long time , hope some one can help

  8. While theres many games on this list that i dont like, you definately had all of my top 10 all time favourites on this list. No other list has even had as many as 2 or 3 of my favourites

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