Mecanismo de jogo de plataforma (PGE) [Super Mario Bros. X (SMBX)] v0.0.8 pré-alfa – Imagens de jogabilidade

Gameplay Filmagem do Platformer Game Engine (PGE), uma recriação de Super Mario Bros. X. Mais informações sobre o Platformer Game Engine (PGE) e mais: http://engine.wohlnet. ru/forum/ Atualmente, o que acontece aqui é que o SMBX será recriado em um mecanismo diferente chamado ” Platformer Game Engine” incluindo o editor que basicamente usa todos os níveis SMBX e mapas do mundo na nova recriação. Por favor, não se importe com o mapa do mundo superior! Ainda está em criação. Tudo relativo à PGE pertence aos seus respectivos proprietários. Programador principal deste Engine por @Wohlstand – Canal original do YouTube:


14 thoughts on “Mecanismo de jogo de plataforma (PGE) [Super Mario Bros. X (SMBX)] v0.0.8 pré-alfa – Imagens de jogabilidade

  1. This is my opinion, but I like the old SMBX better. 
    1: The menu screen is bland. In the old version, it had a level that will play alongside
    2: The physics are BAD! It just looks like Mario is on the moon or somethin'. 
    3: No exit?

    This is pretty much why I don't use the PGE editor. I like the old editor better, but it is kind of interesting. I should know that this is pre alpha Keep up the good work Wohlstand! 

    Since I'm sharing this on Google+ I'm going to send the video link so you guys can watch this:

  2. Nice PGE is much better than SMBX (so many errors "Run Time Error")

    -Add Timer
    -Add More Quad backgrounds
    -Add custom HUD (SMB, SMB2, SMB3 & SMW)
    -Add more bosses (SMB3 & SMW)

  3. Lovin' that ceiling slope-riding glitch, lol. Shame we'll probably lose it when the Box2D physics get trashed. :p

    But yeah, I can't wait to see this engine completed, either. It's gonna be so awesome. :3

  4. Thanks for this video, Bossy! Good job ! 😀
    Anyway I should fix bug which allows you to flood with "enter to level" sound 😛

    Anyway, Box2d (Physical engine used as basis of level physics) is NOT for SMBX physics, because it provides physics of real world. Even when items has different size, they are will have different weight!
    Therefore will be coded own physical engine (how I already posted on forums) which will more like to SMBX.

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