Como os speedrunners venceram o Portal em apenas 5 minutos (SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED – Any% Out of Bounds)

Confira o patrocinador deste vídeo, Ridge Wallet: e use o código de cupom ANUS na finalização da compra para 10% de desconto no seu pedido! @Can’t Even’s Out of Bounds Record Mundial: Versão apenas para jogabilidade desta corrida: Recorde Mundial sem falhas de SiDouS: Can’t Even’s YouTube Channel: @Can’t Even’s Can’t Even’s Twitch Channel: Can’t Even’s Twitter: Patreon: https:/ / Twitch: Twitter: Reddit: Merch: https :// Camisas: Discord: SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED Playlist: SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED Pasta de miniaturas : Portal 1 – Uma introdução curta e simples para FindClosestPassableSpace por UncraftedName: Seamshots Explained (dublado por mlugg) por Krzyhau: Canal Twitch do YnCG6fbTQ-I mike: Canal do YouTube do kes128 mlugg: Canal do Twitch do mlugg: Canal do YouTube do UncraftedName: Canal do Twitch do UncraftedName: Site do SourceRuns: Canal do SourceRuns no YouTube: @SourceRuns Neste SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED, detalhamos um Speedrun Out of Bounds do Portal (o original , não Portal 2). Esta corrida é feita pelo recordista mundial, Can’t Even. Esta corrida inclui falhas e saltos, incluindo movimentos selvagens com o mecanismo Source, pular o Relaxation Vault, sair dos limites e algumas travessuras atrevidas com a sala do bolo e o cubo complementar… Este vídeo serve como uma explicação das estratégias usadas por Não consigo vencer Portal em apenas 5 minutos. #Portal #Valve #Speedrun


26 thoughts on “Como os speedrunners venceram o Portal em apenas 5 minutos (SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED – Any% Out of Bounds)

  1. Honestly you shouldn't even give complainers your attention much less put them in the video. People making the "bruh this video is way longer than 5 minutes my dude is just trying to squeeze out ad revenue." are either trolls or haven't finished developing their prefrontal cortex.

  2. …this is probably the first time I actually couldn't follow the run. It just kind of turned into word soup and oh god, is this what it's like watching a wizard do things? Looks cool as hell, though. It's really amazing how, once you try hard enough to break it, there's basically a whole other game in the game nobody actually intentionally made. That's really neat.

  3. i kept waiting for the sentimental part where you give us kind words of encouragement. I began to lose hope until you said, "I hope you have an above average day." I instantly felt relief, even though the video had ended already.

    Thank you for everything that you do. The jokes, the tech, the feels. It's all so important, and I'm grateful that there is content like yours and people like you in the world.

  4. It really is a shame that you're on your way to being a bigger channel. Not that I don't like you or anything, it's just that YT doesn't like popular channels having names like "tomatoanus". Just like how 'AJollyWanker' had to change to 'JollyWangcore'.

  5. You do such a great job presenting explanations of speedruns. Very thorough and ensuring to actually get a proper explanation from those who know. And upi dp a very commendable job citing your sources too. Great job as always!

  6. Shamelessly milking views on youtube from 5 minutes of content, and I watched all of it! I would love to see some coverage of the speedruns people have done on kz, bhop, and surf maps for any of the counter strike games. It's amazing to see the perfected movement and practice coming together.

  7. I don't know if you actually read your comments, but I just wanna say that I absolutely adore your commitment to including your "no feeling is final" sentiment into every video. I came to your channel far past the point in my life when I would have needed that the most, but whenever I here that message, it always comes at a point that is jarring enough that it can genuinely strike an emotional chord with me, but casual enough that it seamlessly flows back into the video. It's kind of bizarre as well, because your channel almost looks kind of memey and random from a cursory glance, but there's so much positivity and thoughtfulness that shines through your work. Sometimes it comes in apparent ways, and sometimes its in details subtle enough that I can't even explain it.

  8. It’s absolutely ridiculous that this run regularly involves your body/camera location, your view model/visible portal gun, and the portal origin point/actual functional portal gun, are in three different locations for the majority of the run.

    The runner isn’t the only one who canteven, at this rate

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