Flutter 2.8 e Flame Game Engine 1.0 lançados

O quadro de plataforma cruzada Flutter, a linguagem de programação Dart e o mecanismo de jogo Flame receberam novos lançamentos. Links https://gamefromscratch.com/flutter-2-8-and-flame-engine-1-0-released/ ———————– ————————————————– ———————————- *Suporte*: https://www.patreon.com/gamefromscratch * Notícias GameDev*: https://gamefromscratch.com *Tutoriais GameDev*: https://devga.me *Discord*: https://discord.com/invite/R7tUVbD *Twitter*: https://twitter.com/ jogo do zero ————————————————– ————————————————– ——–


38 thoughts on “Flutter 2.8 e Flame Game Engine 1.0 lançados

  1. Links
    Support : https://www.patreon.com/gamefromscratch
    GameDev News : https://gamefromscratch.com
    GameDev Tutorials : https://devga.me
    Discord : https://discord.com/invite/R7tUVbD
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/gamefromscratch

  2. Dart actually was first meant to and did compile to native. Compilation into js was an add-on to basically allow dart usage on browsers.

  3. How difficult is it to develop compared to Java? In simple terms, how hard will he f**к the brains?

    Насколько сложно в разработке по сравнению с Java? Проще говоря, насколько сильно он будет трахать мозги?

  4. I actually made a video about how to set this up on my channel after seeing this video in case anyone would be interested. It won't show you too much code but it will show you where you can find nice tutorials from Google, basic flame engine documentation, Etc

  5. Flutter should just be standalone and be Android Studio's main competitor tbh. I'll bet my ass that over 80% of developers will switch in a heartbeat

  6. But it’s Google. That alone is enough reason to not invest your time in Dart and Flutter. If your time is worth anything at all, you better consider whether investing 1000s of hours to get familiar with a framework that may die at any point is worth it. Sure, it may seem like it has some traction now. But Google kills off stuff and ruins stuff regardless. Or so says their track record.

  7. I checked if Flame updated their release notes, and didn't, I wonder if it's because they made a Youtube Live talking about it, and will eventually update the documentation.

  8. I made a couple of apps in Flutter, and IMHO it's really good for mobile app development. Can't remember any framework where I could get stuff running as quickly. Haven't tried the web/desktop stuff, but will give it a shot. Dart is also a pretty fun language, although has its quirks.

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