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38 thoughts on “COMBATE CORPO A CORPO em Unity

  1. any chance of getting a combo system tutorial? Doesn't need to be complex, but I'd love to see how you tackle things like stringing together attack combos, but allowing for a chance to drop the combo if the keys are pressed too fast or something

  2. What if I need to attack in the other direction? attackPoint doesn't flip with my character model and if I want to attack something left of him, the attack hitbox is behind character's back

  3. From my expirience there are many other ways to create a melee combat in your game. Personally I just create animation, which activates and deactivates trigger around the sword/spear e.t.c. at the right moment.

  4. Great vid – does anyone know how to stop attacking from just running into enemies? Basically with the above, I'm finding that I can kill enemies by running into them instead of when I swing the sword.

  5. a tip on how to better the code is that, If you know how to use the IEnumerator method to make a pause before allowing the player to use the attack again.
    hope its not too confusing

  6. Guys, love this video like the others, but there must be a better way. If you do that in a 3rd person game, with an attack like a dragons tail whip, the player may easily jump over the tail but still get damage because the player is inside the sphere. I love to see a video with a solution for 3rd person game, which gives detailed hit information (so you can actually play an on-hit FX) and which works equally well between players and monsters but also between monsters and monsters and monsters and objects.

  7. extremely great video! Although I do have an issue.
    I also have a combat system for the enemies where they attack whenever their collider comes in contact w/ my collider. Whenever the collider's touch, I wont be able to deal damage to them for some reason. Any fix?

  8. i have a problem when i implemented the combat system to my game and added everything and stuff when i hit the enemy and the enemy died i got an error saying destroying assets in not permitted due to data loss and i got scared of losing my enemy code and all i worked for to make that enemy prefab.

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