Core — Nova Game Engine ou Dreams para PC? …Sim!

Core agora está em alfa aberto. É uma plataforma de criação de jogos criada sobre o mecanismo de jogo Unreal Engine. Pense em Dreams, Roblox ou Second Life. Se é um mecanismo de jogo ou uma plataforma de jogo, depende de onde a Manticore irá com as opções de publicação no futuro. Há muito potencial lá agora, no entanto. Link:


38 thoughts on “Core — Nova Game Engine ou Dreams para PC? …Sim!

  1. This tool looks fine for beginners, i just don't like it for the advertising their paying content creators to do, they want to play it off like a real ass game engine, and quite frankly, it's just not gonna cut it. This isn't a game engine, it's a toy. I'm honestly very happy you can't export your games to other platforms other then Core, because otherwise there would be a problem, and this engine seems to be only asset flipping. I can't even say it compares to Roblox.

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  3. I feel this is more of a learning game. Get someone interested in game development in a system that takes a lot of the scary things out like programming and modeling, and just let's you learn game design, placing things, and just getting your toes wet. Could be fun to prototype an idea as well. Though i don't see me using it much, as the inability to import your own model assets kinda kills it for me. Every game made with it will just look the same, but for just a fun learning tool it's fine. Wouldn't use it for anything serious, but i wouldn't mind messing with it for fun hehe

  4. Looks more like a closed ecosystem/toy for game developers that has to rely completely on the whims of its founders. I'll pass, we've come across this fork in the road.

  5. i just downloaded it and played some of the games on it , in my personal opinion its quite good(obviously the graphics are better than roblox) i recommend it, from the current catalogue it has a lot of games , some of them stand out. All in All 8/10
    Disclaimer: You need a decent pc , unlike roblox that can run on anything. the unreal engine needs a decent pc to run on

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