Apresentando os melhores jogos de plataforma 2D já lançados no PC. Para ver nosso ranking completo de jogos para PC, visite https://whatoplay.com/pc/best Junte-se a este canal para ter acesso às vantagens: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcGL_0yoZTskvlgAixaEjEg/join 0:00 Start 0: 18 Covil do Deus Mecânico 0:43 Fez 1:04 LIMBO 1:29 range 1:56 Yoku’s Island Express 2:21 Super Meat Boy 2:53 Broforce 3:22 The Swapper 3:47 HUNTDOWN 4:16 TowerFall Ascension 4: 47 SteamWorld Dig 2 5:20 BattleBlock Theatre 5:48 Rayman Legends 6:12 GRIS 6:37 Katana ZERO 7:10 Spelunky 2 7:40 DENTRO 8:10 Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove 8:38 Cuphead 9:06 Mark of the Ninja 9:27 Hollow Knight 10:00 Gunpoint 10:26 Dead Cells 10:55 Ori and the Will of the Wisps 11:25 Celeste Descubra o MELHOR, NOVO E PRÓXIMO PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Android e videogames iOS em https://whatoplay.com.


30 thoughts on “25 MELHORES PLATAFORMAS 2D no PC

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  2. For me Celeste is the best platformers game ever because its pure platformers, it goes beyond the gameplay, he was designed through his playstyle to be a platformer a bit like meat boy but with unparalleled originality. (OST>>) (DirectionArtistic>>>)

  3. I try to press "Play Game", and nothing happens. I was looking for a thing that said install or something, but it only says "|Free | Play Game|" so I clicked on that, but nothing happens. No error appears, no small window or anything. Just nothing. It is infuriating.

  4. The Wolf adaptor for the #ATARI2600 and 7800 brings full Jaguar controller functionality to ATARI's classic 8-bit consoles:

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