Bate-papo no céu de ninguém | Atualização 1.4, Atlas V4 Passes e o silêncio da Hello Games

✦ A atualização 1.4 de No Man’s Sky deve sair em breve, mas o que a Hello Games está fazendo com a atualização e o que eles estão esperando? Falamos sobre isso e muito mais no primeiro No Man’s Sky Chat. ✦ Estou de volta e 100% dedicado a cobrir No Man’s Sky neste canal. Mudei todos os meus outros conteúdos para meus 2 novos canais para filtrar diferentes comunidades, então aqui estamos! Obrigado pelo apoio contínuo e um brinde a mais conteúdo centrado no No Man’s Sky! Deixe-me saber o que você acha das mudanças no layout do vídeo e nas edições! ✦ Algo específico que você quer que eu faça um vídeo para No Man’s Sky? Deixe-me saber, para baixo nos comentários abaixo! ✦ Lembre-se de CURTIR o vídeo se você gostou e INSCREVA-SE para os intermináveis ​​vídeos de No Man’s Sky! _________________________________________________________________ ✦ VERIFIQUE meu PATREON! Atualmente, tenho um objetivo definido para me ajudar a começar a economizar para um novo PC, para que eu possa jogar mais jogos que cubro no JustJarrod Gaming. Permitindo-me fornecer minha própria jogabilidade, bem como fornecer mais conhecimento e experiência de jogo adaptados aos jogos que estarei cobrindo. Um PC melhor também significa melhor edição e vídeos e conteúdo mais refinados! PATREON: ✦ Siga-me no TWITTER para atualizações de canais, atualizações de vídeos, notícias de jogos, atualizações de jogos e apenas para me conhecer um pouco mais! TWITTER: ✦ Música de fundo fornecida por NCS: ✦ Outro Música fornecida por NCS: Subtact – Away…


50 thoughts on “Bate-papo no céu de ninguém | Atualização 1.4, Atlas V4 Passes e o silêncio da Hello Games

  1. How the hell do I bring up text chat on PS4 ? At anomoly ppl ask questions all time lower left corner chat text so how do we access it ? Tried every button and combo lol looked through settings etc

  2. “When you here something about a new developing game and then you don’t here anything else about it for 5 months and everyone forgets about it”
    Thanks breath of the wild 2

  3. Elite dangerous is dead, so don't jump on that game. Thats why I came back to NMS. I support you adding good space indie games, good space games are hard to find or like star citizen just don't get completed. I personally am a huge fan of conan exiles if you want to get into a great game, although not space related.

  4. I believe that the update will be labeled 1.5. They stop adding content at 1.38, doesn't make sense to add 1.4. Today is the fifth and no update. I hope the update comes out soon, because i got to go back to real life.

  5. They should add everything what was in the trailers and isnt already in the game but also:
    Better Terrain
    Gasplanets with rings
    Gasplanets without rings
    More species
    Creatures in space
    Bigger freighters
    Planets without atmosphere
    Ice caps
    More liquids
    High mountains
    Bigger trees
    More animals variations
    Diffrent Gases
    Flaggs u can Design
    The ability to fly with ships underwater
    Mod Support for Ps4
    Mod Support for PC
    Natural disasters (Tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis etc…)
    A body for a Player (customizable)
    Better sky
    Factions and war of These
    More ships
    A mechanic whats spotting a System wheres the next Player base.

  6. I just re downloaded this the other day. Compared to launch the game is amazing. I didn't know you could build bases until I stumbled across an abandoned base under this spectacular crimson sunset with the wind and animals frolicking and it was f*ing gorgeous. Good video btw

  7. Rings on planets!!!!!!!! I've been wishing for rings on planet since the beginning!!!! Other than that I hope they work on multiplayer and would love to see a real underwater vehicle.

  8. I would love to see you do other space games, though I know I haven't been around for a while, been dealing with my fibromyalica. I do believe HG needs to open up a bit but maybe the be quiet model works best for them. Thank you for sharing.

  9. more and improved planet variation is a MUST NEED. You said that there’s no really big feature being requested, but I feel like a lot of people want improved ground combat. We have great variations for our boltcaster but the only times we use it is to fight regular sentinels. I’ve rarely fought high-tier AT-ST sentinels. Having actual Gek, Vy’keen, etc on the ground and fighting would be a huge improvement. It would add more depth and danger to planet exploration. Imagine seeing Vy’Keen or Korvax suited up in environment-specific armor that’s based around what kind of planet they’re on too. Shit like this is what we need.

  10. What I would love to see is way more flora and fauna diversity. So more animal parts and more plants. And it would be awesome if those animals would have more complex behaviour patterns.
    Another great addition would be a more complex planetary climate system. For example when you are at the poles it is colder and you get a different flora and fauna then at the equator.

  11. Some stuff i would love:
    – moving NPCs, jumping in/out their ships, walking around bases, etc
    – ground combat against other NPC explorers, pirates, other factions, etc
    – base defenses
    – darker caves and reasons to explore deep inside them
    – PSVR support

  12. I never follow anything that developers say after the release of a game. I mean, Riot Games is very enthusiastic and always talk to the community, but sometimes I want them to shut up for a bit. I don't think that Hello Games should be more active on twitter or whatnot, I think it's sufficient that they are releasing update logs and nothing else.
    Maybe I want to have them to respond to my bug reports, and give more teasers to updates or questions about the game. But other than that; if they don't update it's fine by me. But I understand your opinion and it makes sense.

  13. 100%
    I dont think this kept silence is the best way to hold the community together. a simply hint what will be delivered next would be very welcome

  14. Jarrod, this video reminds me that you are a small time Youtuber.

    No offence, but just because Hello Games has convinced you that they've made up for their mistakes doesn't mean that they're on people's good graces.

    Games, lawyers, and other companies are still out for blood.

  15. I hope Hell Games sees this video. Also, who else thinks it would be amazing if they released the old versions of No Man's Sky seen in the classic trailers? Like this comment if you think so.

  16. I think it would be great to visit a planet and have hostile aliens as opposed to the oddball dog-cow-mouse thing biting your leg. Or even have an alien land on your planet. As you are tending to your Mordite crop, they start coming after you and you have to defend your base. Perhaps give other players the ability to raid another players base/farm for resources.

  17. I'd like to be able to move around inside the ship whilst in space, and have to go outside to repair the ship. I'd like the planet base limit to become unlimited, and to be able to create cities with roads. In terms of the cosmos, I'd like to see giant stars and gas / ice giant planets. I mean in the real cosmos there are stars so big that the Sun is microscopic by comparison. I'd also like to see a much greater diversity in the flora and fauna, and planets which are already inhabited by intelligent life with civilisations and technology.

  18. In regards to your last question: I never objected to you covering indie games on your channel; I always watched those videos. My only objection was you covering AAA games since I had no interest in watching them. If you went back to covering indie games on this channel I would be perfectly fine with it, whether they are similar to NMS or not.

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