Diligent Engine — Plataforma cruzada Vulkan, Direct3D e estrutura de renderização OpenGL

O Diligent Engine é uma biblioteca de renderização de plataforma cruzada que abstrai as APIs gráficas Direct3D 11/12, OpenGL e Vulkan subjacentes. A Diligent Graphics acaba de lançar a versão 2.4b. Ligação:


13 thoughts on “Diligent Engine — Plataforma cruzada Vulkan, Direct3D e estrutura de renderização OpenGL

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  2. you skipped over that draw calls section…which, if you are making an open world game…is a huge deal…50,000 draw calls…that's 50,000 unique meshes/textures…not counting them being instanced…that's a big deal…..I don't know what other engines are capable of…but that part really interested me…since one of your big bottle necks are in the graphics…and the top 3 are draw calls, textures and shaders….vertex counts are less so then they were ten years ago…so I am interested if you can maybe cover the game engines based on draw calls…like a comparison…??? I hope this makes sense(I'm sure you understand, even if I did not make it very clear)

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