Não há mais jogo cruzado? #calção

Chega de jogo cruzado no warzone #callofduty #callofdutywarzone


15 thoughts on “Não há mais jogo cruzado? #calção

  1. When people wanted crossplay, they meant cross-console. Console players generally don't want exposed to the cheating or weird bullshit PC players expose them to.

  2. I went out and got a xbox one again even though im a keyboard and mouse player purly because on pc you run into a hacker every other game and it kills the fun but on console even with crossplay on you see alot less of them :/ cheaters wrecked pc gaming on there own its going to be left in the past like for retro gaming and emulators for arcades etc as consoles are taking over and this is just one of many reasons why :/

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