10 jogos PS4 raros e não listados que você pode ter

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42 thoughts on “10 jogos PS4 raros e não listados que você pode ter

  1. Legend of Korra on PS4? I'm pretty sure this was PS3 game. Also, why are people saying this was a terrible game? Sure, it wasn't a great game but it was at least decent and pretty good for a low budget title. And why the hell are you saying the show was bad too?

    PT on the other hand is just overhyped. It was just boring and I usually like walking simulator games. It was also unnecessary convoluted to progress.

  2. Konami fucking sucks. They used to make such amazing games and are the owners of tons of great IPs, like Castlevania, Metal Gear, and Contra. Now they'd rather make shitty freemium games for phones and goddamned pachinko machines.

  3. Did she just call The Legend of Korra the show a disappointment? If so ya'll crazy, that show shows a different side of the Avatar Universe sure and the 2nd season isn't the best but this show does so many things so good. From the more than accurate and sometimes very close to home hitting portrayal of mental health issues and struggles of physically recovering from injuries to great and diverse villains.

  4. I do own J-Stars Victory VS + for PS3 and PS4 (physically), the only things better in Jump Force are that the cut-scenes are in 3D (in game) and that there are more characters who fans originally wished for for J-Stars (like Sanji and Zorro).

  5. Weird. I had always heard that the Korra game was good, just really short. And that J Stars was an absolute dumpster fire. 🤔 And while we're on the subject, Jump Force is still a decent game. Don't get me wrong, it has mad problems, but the combat has more depth to it than people give it credit for and the character models all look really good in my opinion. It's worth booting up now and then for a couple quick dream matches if you're a fan of the properties.

  6. you get a pirated version offline only version of those games on pc or when a ps4 emulator is made stable and someone probably extract those game on a jailbroken ps4 into .iso file format.

    10. it's a good game but short.

  7. The reason for all of thps 5 is that activisions license was due to expire at the end of 2015. So the game, launched that same year, was hastily developed and likely pulled out after the expiration.

  8. Honourable mention to DriveClub. I still have the physical copy and it’s still one of the best racing games I’ve played on PS4. It still looks freaking beautiful to this day, and it’s almost 8 years old now. I never got to experience the multiplayer aspect of it, but as a single player, half-arcade and half-simulator racer, it’s easily GOAT’d, in my opinion

  9. I have:
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 (and 3 on Switch)
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (PS3 version)
    Transformers: Devastation (PS+)

    And Jump Force wasn't part of the list, but that was delisted recently too so I picked that up in a sale before it was.

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