O controlador PS4 não conecta e pisca a luz branca (melhor tutorial)

Você quer saber como consertar seu controle de ps4 não conecta e pisca em branco! Isso é muito fácil de fazer. Se a luz branca estiver piscando, tente ligar e desligar o console. Em seguida, ligue o PS4 e conecte o controlador com um cabo USB e pressione o botão PS várias vezes. Isso deve conectar seu controlador e sincronizá-lo com o ps4. Se o controlador começar a piscar em amarelo, isso significa que está carregando! Além disso, esqueça seu dispositivo no dispositivo bluetooth e reconecte o controlador. Pressione o botão de compartilhamento e o botão PS para sincronizar. … Twitter: https://twitter.com/YourSixStudios?lang=en Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/yoursixstudios Discord: https://discord.gg/6DfFDnK6 Instagram: https://www. instagram.com/yoursixstudios/ – ((( Inscreva-se no meu LIVE STREAMING ))) ((( Canal de jogos “YourSixGaming” ))) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvgTpqI_3ZF8XL-jmwLXYKw?sub_confirmation=1 .. (((Inscreva-se no meu CANAL DE AVENTURAS))) ((( Viagens, Câmeras e Mais “YourSixAdventures))) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvnlEu1SSvbBUcnn2RTgMbA?sub_confirmation=1


47 thoughts on “O controlador PS4 não conecta e pisca a luz branca (melhor tutorial)

  1. Thank you so much. I've had my PlayStation since it's release so it's nearing a decade old. I tried everything. I even deep cleaned my PS4 and replaced thermal paste and tried giving it a nice clean on hopes that would somehow fix things. Some step of yours or the exact order worked when no other sites or tips did.

    I'm bedridden and just wanted to play some video games and have spent hours trying to get it to work while in pain. I can finally lay back down and take my mind off it. Can't thank you enough.

  2. Mine isn't connecting at all. I turn on the ps4 & it instantly doesn't work & blinks when I turn it on. I've done it with it connected, turned on from the button, poked the pin hole, unplugged my ps4… nothing is working. It happens the most when I try to download new games I just bought

  3. This SEEMED to help me just fine, as I did the power cycle trick by unplugging my PS4, than plugging it back in, after NONE of my four controllers were syncing up! That's a good trick which I'll have to keep in mind from now on too!

  4. It WORKS!!!!!!!! I was literally like "this is sum BULLSHYT. I'll try it anyway.
    I didn't know that there's a pinhole reset in the controller. I was about to chunk it. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t wanna turn my ps4 off bc I’ll lose so much stuff bruh bc of my hard drive need to be turn off properly but I can’t connect any of my controllers

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