Jogos PS4 usados ​​da Amazon: foi isso que eles me enviaram.

Em minha busca sem fim para construir minha coleção de jogos sem gastar muito dinheiro, estou dando uma chance à Amazon comprando um monte de jogos PS4 usados, nunca antes vistos. O que, na verdade, não foi uma boa ideia para quem se preocupa com a condição desses jogos. Isso é o que o Amazon’s Warehouse e o Amazon FBA me enviaram. E sim, já encomendei casos de substituição porque, na verdade, sou um pouco louco. Mas HEY, os jogos parecem bons. *Coloca os óculos de sol lá dentro*. ► Apoie o canal no Patreon! Todo valor ajuda e mantém os patrocínios pagos fora do canal. ► Meu equipamento do YouTube, acessórios para jogos e recomendações: *Como associado da Amazon, ganho uma comissão por compras qualificadas* Siga-me Lugares: ► Twitter: ► Twitch: ► Instagram: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Outra música ‘I dunno’ de Grapes: Music by Ryan Little: https://www Música de Myrd Schenk: ► Obrigado a esses maravilhosos apoiadores do Patreon! Irvin tenorio Mohammad ali Austin Becker Jonny Sturtz Shane St.Pierre Eddie Hoo Austin Johnston Claudio Sepúlveda Huerta Super_Sueco James Fletcher Anthony Gallagher Michael Gerling Jason Moore Slwsmokin420 Quentin Price Holly Blakemore James Hutchinson Ben Phillips Josh Barker spencer sorensen Craig O’grady Michael Wallace Ben Lindey Jarryd Howard Scott Funderburk Harrison Tarik #PS4 #Amazon #AmazonFBA


46 thoughts on “Jogos PS4 usados ​​da Amazon: foi isso que eles me enviaram.

  1. Sometimes, they rewrap games, here in Ireland, Poundland sells sealed Blu-Rays & DVDs, they look new but they are branded Replay, which means they are second hand or refurbished but they are resealed. js

  2. I disagree about having to be anal about boxes and artwork if you collect video games. I collect games and could give shit what the container is like (as long as it’s a good price). I just care that the software plays. You can choose to be obsessed about packaging or not.

  3. I purchased a copy of Iron Man 2 for the PS3 on Amazon, it said “Used – Like New”, but the disc had a lot of scratches and it didn’t get past the 1st loading screen. If I had to rate the condition, it’s nowhere near close to “New” or “Acceptable”.

  4. I'm all for having an authentic item being packaged well so I wouldn't necessarily call it a "waste of plastic" as long as the recipient (that would be you) recycles it at their own discretion.

    So if you straight up toss it in the trash can, you sir are the one wasting plastic, not amazon. Still don't see a reason to critique it after you just credited them for properly packaging the game case.

    Highly hypocritical if you ask me 🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. You complain way too much. I'm a massive collector and the stuff you complain about is ridiculous. But if I paid what you did I may be upset too. You way overpay for stuff

  6. Certain publishers have agreements to prevent sellers on Amazon selling their products as new. I'm sure part of it is to prevent dlc codes and to damage the resale market (publishers don't make money on the secondary market ya know).
    Basically if you're a little seller on Amazon you just have to list it as "like new" and say that is actually NIB. it sucks to be a small Business.
    Also Amazon's categories have basically 0 meaning. Like new, good, acceptable. None of it means anything. Just read the seller description of they left one.

    It's tough out here lol.

  7. As a small time amazon seller of mostly used games, I can assure you any case damage in games from me are 100% on the carrier or amazon.

    We sell games as "like new" when they're sealed because amazon doesn't let us sell the game as new unless we have an invoice for the game (as in from a distributor, not from a store like walmart or gamestop), so there's that.

  8. You can actually go back to Amazon and ask for a refund for those that had an incorrect description. Most of those, from what I saw on the video look like sellers using the incorrect description for the game. Go, ask for a refund, Amazon will help.

    (probably you already did, but if not, ask for a refund, they will help)

  9. When they say used/like new, I highly doubt they’re talking about the case.. if you actually looked at the games you would see probably all of them were listed correctly. Maybe think of that before saying most of them are lies

  10. I pulled up the "Secret of Mana" remake on Steam last night and it had me put in my age before it would let me watch the trailer. I see that the PS4 version is rated "E" for everyone. I remember beating the game on the SNES back in '94 and I don't remember any objectional material. I may have to play it again to see if I missed something. LOL

  11. I have found a few games on Amazon and on Gamestop's website that were worth like 6 times more than what I paid. You just have to pick a game to watch out for and wait until it's available.

  12. Fun fact, as an Amazon seller – certain things you can’t actually list as ‘new’, video games is one of them. Some do let you do it, but popular games from major publishers like Sony straight out don’t let you list as ‘new’ unless you’ve got specific permission to sell as an official distributor.

    That’s why you find a lot of new sealed games listed as like new instead.

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