Comprei um pacote PS4 REMODELADO da GameStop… vale a pena em 2021??

Outro console da GameStop! Desta vez, recebi o GameStop Essentials Blast do pacote PS4 recondicionado anterior. Parece um preço muito alto para um PS4… mas acho que é o quanto eles custam hoje em dia. Dê uma olhada para ver o que eu tenho! Console PS4: God of War: Uncharted 4: Last of Us Remastered: 2NDbL1K Racket and Clank: Meu servidor do Discord: Música de: Muito obrigado aos meus membros Nível 3 do YouTube : Tech 2021 Noah E. Grayson ~ Amazon Prime Free Trial: Meu equipamento: Benq 4k Gaming Monitor: Atumtek Monitor Arm: /atumtekmonitorarm & Atumtek Monitor Arm: & Atumtek Gas Spring Monitor Arms (15% de desconto): https:// Mesa Standing Autônoma: Nakamichi Surround Sound System: Elgato HD60 S: Blue Microfone Bola de Neve: Câmera Sony a6600: Lente Sony 18-135mm: Lu mix GX85 Câmera: Zoom H1 Recorder: DJI Phantom 3 Drone Avançado: ~ Instagram: https://instagram. com/jrob0021 Facebook: Twitter: Isenção de responsabilidade: sou um participante do Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, um programa de publicidade de afiliados projetado para fornecer um meio para mim para ganhar taxas vinculando-se à e sites afiliados.


30 thoughts on “Comprei um pacote PS4 REMODELADO da GameStop… vale a pena em 2021??

  1. If you buy a refurbished from eBay you get a one year warranty ( money back from Allstate). If you buy from Amazon you only get a 90 day warranty and always a much higher price (on everything).

  2. Got the console literally 2 hours ago for 300 bucks and it’s horrible I had a ps4 but it broke so I buy a new one this thing started to heat up dramatically in 5 minutes slow as all hell crashes 5 times and just stopped working how is this even a thing

  3. I kinda miss my jet engine,i had it since 2017 and sold it in August 2021 when i finally got my new PS5.I still remember the day i first played Resident Evil 7 on my PS4 and completed the game for about 20 times from start to finish.PS4 really helped me get through tough times for about 5 years……and i sold it.I'm sorry my jet engine

  4. I bought a PS4 refurbished from GameStop and the console worked except the controller. Ended up sending it back for a refund. Never buying anything used from GameStop when it comes to consoles.

  5. "considering the price of PS4's and Xbox One's nowadays…" dude the price is because people are buying the older gen because they cant get their hands on next gen, and $300 for a used PS4 is unacceptable

  6. Good thing I lucked out and My Target today had only 1 brand new Playstation 4 the price
    $298 + Tax so I swooped it up. I was going to buy a used one through GameStop ,but Gomestops shipping is pretty bad.
    BTW I have My PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch OLED and My Xbox Series S I'm still looking for a PlayStation 5
    GameStop had a 1 day walkin for a PS5 last Friday we showed up 2 1/2 hours early and they had 20 we were 25th in line F me
    😂 It's all good though because my Series S is next GEN 👍👍 a lot of people over look it. Don't knock it till U try it ,it's a great next GEN system for $300

  7. I don't get why you're so certain exactly what happened to the plastic, they could easily have just grabbed it to re-use after someone used it already. I get half-popped & deflated air pouches regularly & would rather they be re-used than thrown out…

  8. Refurbished consoles from GameStop are always hit or miss you get good ones you get bad ones it’s a toss up really I always recommend buying the warranty for them just in case it’s defective out of the box it’s an easy swap for another one

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