Desembalagem do console de lançamento do PS4 – Sony PlayStation 4

Unboxing do console da edição de lançamento do Sony PlayStation 4 de 2013. Este PS4 é novo e ainda lacrado. PT, Call of Duty Ghosts e jogabilidade Knack. Obrigado Aspyr Media por patrocinar! Consola Xbox One Day One Desembalagem da PS5 Desembalagem da consola PS4 “500 milhões” ROG Phone 5 Ultimate unboxing ROG Phone 5 Ultimate unboxing https:/ / Todos os vídeos de unboxing Clique para se inscrever! Torne-se um membro no Segundo Canal Twitter Instagram Livestream Facebook Atenção: o lançamento sem caixa do PS4 não estava conectado à internet nem Atualizada. Eu usei meu próprio primeiro PS4 original para as gameplays. Aqui está a TV que usei neste vídeo 00:00 Intro 00:32 Kit de lançamento do PS4 02:32 Intervalo comercial 03:40 Bolsa do PS4 04:05 O console de lançamento do PS4 06:54 Dual Shock 4 07:57 Console 08:58 Energia [ON] (Eu não atualizei o console!) 10:42 Mudei para meu primeiro PS4 aqui… 10:55 PT 12:12 Call of Duty Ghosts em 2021 15:21 Knack 16:07 Destiny 16:18 Call of Duty: Black Ops III 16:45 Outro #TheRelaxingEnd #PS4 #Unboxing


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  1. I remember buying my first ps4 on October 2014 on Paraguai on that time I had 10 year old I was on a trip with my parents and my brother when I put my hands on the box the first thing I did when o came back to the hotel was open the box and take everything out of it butu parents Sayed that I cannot plug on because it may broke I believed at he time and I had to wait more 3 days to go to my home.3 days passed in came to my home at 3 am I rushed to my room plug everything on and for the first time I turned on the PS4 The sensation was too great the ps4 theme playing ohh man I wish those days come back but will never come again always i hear the ps4 theme i have nostalgic moments that make me almost cry

  2. I can't imagine the console's relief. I mean the thing was made approximately at the end of 2012 and was finally unboxed in 2021. 9 years of idleness

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