Como conectar o controlador PS4 ao PC com os drivers integrados do STEAM – 2021

Guia de configuração completo para conectar seu controlador PS4 (Dualshock) ao seu PC usando os drivers integrados do Steam. Incluindo como religar chaves. Defina as configurações de teclas para o modo Desktop e Big Picture. E mais! ► Gostou do vídeo? Se inscrever! Chupacabra Discord ► #PS4Controller #Steam #Drivers #ChupacabraTutorials #Tutorial #Educational #Gaming #PS4


49 thoughts on “Como conectar o controlador PS4 ao PC com os drivers integrados do STEAM – 2021

  1. Damn !

    It works perfectly fine !
    I'm just letting you that if you have a daughter, she and I are lovely in love and nothing will stop us 🤭🤭❤

    Thank you for the tutorial my dear father in law

  2. When you have your control plugged in with a charging cord you got to then unplug it and hold options and the ps4 button on your controller wait till it flashes and then it should pop up on your screen when you plug it back in again. NOTE: only for ps4 controllers I think, try if you want

  3. My Ps4 controller disconnects from time to time and at the same time my mouse, keyboard and steamdeck disconnect as well. Any idea why this is happening?

  4. Nope. Doesn't work. Can't find solution why anywhere. And DS4Windows is such a pain. Think I'll just stick with Xbox controllers on PC and use just PS4 controllers on PS4 and PS1 Classic.

  5. EpicGamesLauncher bricked my PS4 controller, all I did was repair the EpicGamesLauncer via control panel & set the EpicGamesLauncher to run as administrator in the property setting as an attempt to get Kingdom hearts 1.5/2.5 bundle & KH2.8 to run without crashing and I haven’t been able to get my controller to register on EpicGames ever since even if I run the EGL through Steam it will not register my DualShock4 via Bluetooth(there isn’t even a pop up in the bottom right hand corner of the EpicGames lunched that says using controller configurations from”steam profile name hear”)

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