O controle do Playstation 4 não conecta, corrija!!!

Troca de módulo PS4 Pro Bluetooth e wi-fi. Tutorial de troca manual de módulo Wi-Fi e Bluetooth. Problemas de sincronização do controlador PS4. #PS4 #PRO. controlador, não conecta, truques, não funciona, dicas, PlayStation,ps4


16 thoughts on “O controle do Playstation 4 não conecta, corrija!!!

  1. I use aoyue 866 recommended lower 360 because it's hot in my country you can use 380 upper always 280 and wait 5min to desoldering

    When soldering I always reball I use 340 low and 280 upper it melt in 2min and that's it done but in reballing apu I'm having some problems so I always reflow

  2. Hello Idrees i have a question i want to buy a ps3 fat its from Europe(220v) can i have a powersupply of the same ps3 its 110v can i replace it wil it work on the 220v ps3 fat

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