Análise do Thrustmaster T80 PS4 Unboxing e Gameplay!

#PS4 #Unboxing #ThrustmasterT80 #SteeringWheel #Gaming Para mais vídeos, consulte Um bom volante de nível de entrada de orçamento para o PS4. Nesse vídeo eu mostro o unboxing e setup mais a jogabilidade do GT sport no PS4 PRO e os prós e contras em um review.


50 thoughts on “Análise do Thrustmaster T80 PS4 Unboxing e Gameplay!

  1. Hi, amyone having problem with deadzones? I need to turn it left quite abit before the car turns left. Its not the same on the right side. Anyone know hiw to fix this? Its on ps4.

  2. I've had two of these the first I didn't take care of i would hit it when it would uncalibrate and I broke it and it just turns left by itself, but I bought another one about 5 or 6 months ago, and I don't beat it I've taken care of it, and now it's starting to turn left by itself too , why , both times I get this wheel it has to mess up, 😭

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