Reprodução Remota do PS4 | Agora em mais dispositivos

Confira as novidades do recurso PS4 Remote Play, incluindo compatibilidade com smartphone ou tablet Android com Android 5.0 ou superior, bem como a capacidade de jogar com DUALSHOCK4 no iOS13 e na maioria dos dispositivos Android 10.


21 thoughts on “Reprodução Remota do PS4 | Agora em mais dispositivos

  1. I don’t see the point in this as the ps4 has to be on to connect it to your device, if you have to Have it on why wouldn’t you play it on the ps4 in the first place. You’d think this would make you be able to play away from home but you can’t because the ps4 has to be on and the connection gets worse when you get away from the ps4

  2. My only problem is controller and profile issues. It is very fussy about which profile you can use and when or it will kick you out of the app. The remote quality itself though is quite amazing.

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