Melhores jogos VR 2022 por gênero (todas as plataformas PCVR, PSVR, Quest)

Hoje estamos verificando os melhores jogos de realidade virtual de 2022 por gênero. Não importa se você é um fã de FPS, RTS, quebra-cabeças ou até mesmo MMOs, hoje temos o que você precisa. Isso inclui jogos para PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest e PCVR. Eu até incluí os próximos títulos e alguns gratuitos. Introdução 00:00 Anúncio patrocinado 00:30 Experiência guiada pela história 01:00 Lone Echo 1 e 2 (PCVR) Hell Blade Senua’s Sacrifice (PCVR) Wanderer (PCVR e PSVR) Farpoint (PSVR) Saints and sinners quests 2 – todas as plataformas Vader Immortal (Todas as plataformas) Mod – Outer wilds & Frewatch Single Player Shooter 03:55 Half-Life Alyx (PCVR) Robo-Recall (PCVR e Quest) Resident evil 4 (Quest 2) Farpoint / Blood and Truth (PSVR) Mod – Half- life 1 e 2 Em breve – Vertigo 2, bonelabs Co-op Shooter 06:01 Após a queda (todas as plataformas) Contractors (PCVR e QUEst) Farpoint (PSVR) Mod – Deep Rock Galactic Em breve – Ghostbuster vr PVP Shooter 07:21 Pavlov (PCVR & Quest) Onward (PCVR & Quest) Hyper-Dash (PCVR & Quest) Population One (PCVR & Quest) Alvo (pcvr PSVR) Single Player RPG 08:12 Asgard’s Wrath (PCVR) Skyrim VR (PCVR & PSVR) Journey of the Gods (PCVR e Quest) Em breve – Everslaught Co-op RPG 09:30 Contos lendários (PCVR) Karnage Chronicles (PCVR) Demeo (PCVR e Quest) MMO 10:40 Zenith (todas as plataformas) A Towns hip Tale (PCVR quest) free Illysia Em breve Wave Shooter 11:30 Mothergunship: Forge (PCVR, quest 2) Space Pirate Trainer (All Platforms) Super Hot (All Platforms) Swarm (PCVR & Quest) Platformer 12:40 Moss book 2 (PSVR) Moss (Todas as plataformas) Astro Bot (PSVR) Carly and the Reaper man (PCVR & Quest) Em breve Moss Book 2 (Quest) Open World 13:27 No Man’s Sky (PCVR & PSVR) Zenith (Todas as plataformas) Mod – Valheim Sandbox 14:16 Boneworks (PCVR) Blade and Sorcery (quest) Dreams (PSVR) Sport Mode (Quest App Lab) Rhythm 15:21 Beat Saber (Todas as plataformas) Pistol whip (Todas as plataformas) Synth Riders (PCVR e Quest) Contra (PCVR) EA indo bem Quebra-cabeça 16:19 Moss (Todas as plataformas) Espero que você morra 1 e 2 (Todas as plataformas) Menção honrosa Red Matter, Gedgeteer, The Room VR Horror 17:00 Saints and Sinners (Todas as plataformas) Resident Evil 7 (PSVR) Phasmophobia (PCVR) Lies Beneath (PCVR & Quest) Jurassic World Aftermath (Quest) Santos e pecadores 2 Em breve Mod – Isolamento alienígena Survival 18:46 Gr een Hell (PCVR, Quest) Song in the Smoke (Todas as plataformas) Mod Subnautica Below Zero Rogue-lite 19:36 Until you Fall (Todas as plataformas) In Death Unchained (Quest) The Persistence (PCVR e PSVR) Yuki (PCVR e Quest) ) Arena Fighting 20:55 Gorn (Todas as plataformas) Hellsplit Arena (PCVR) Swordsman VR (Todas as plataformas) PVP Fighting 21:50 Swords Of Gurrah (PCVR) Ironlights (PCVR & Quest) Broken edge em breve Party games 22:40 Keep Talking e ninguém explode Takelings House Party (PCVR) Acron attack of the Squirrels (PCVR & Quest) Traffic Jam (Todas as plataformas) Em breve entre nós RTS 23:52 Battlegroup VR (PCVR) Final Assault (PCVR & PSVR) Guardians (PCVR & Quest ) Grupo de batalha chegando à missão Esportes 24:56 Caminhada sobre Minigolfe (PCVR, Quest) Onze tênis de mesa (PCVR, Quest) Em breve Hora da bocha Sims 25:36 Esquadrões (PCVR, PSVR) Elite perigoso (PCVR) MS Flight sim ( PSVR) War thunder (PCVR) Racing 26:40 Não jogo jogos de corrida Wipeout (PSVR) Assetto Corsa (PCVR) Project cars 2 (PCVR) Dirt Rally (PCVR) Dash Dash world (PCVR, Quest) —————————————— —————————————– 🌐 Canal de Clipes: https://www 🐦 Twitter: 🌐 Facebook: 📸 Instagram: 👾 Servidor Discord: 🎼TikTok – 📧 Contato: ———- ————————————————– ———————– CONFIRA 6 ANOS DE VR GAMES CLASSIFICADOS AQUI Maneiras de me apoiar (obrigado) * Torne-se a Patreon – * Compre aqui – * Confira o Matteo Merch – merch * Tente retransmitir – * Definir notificações para todos – * Bu rn your money – Obrigado aos meus Patreons Kahvikone Michiel Nugter Samson Egilman SANDIGGAZ Skeeva StudioForm VR Tectas Travis Lehmann Zanda Código promocional VRPROMO Acessórios incríveis da Kiwi Design https:// Use o código Matteo311 para 5% de desconto #quest2 #vr #psvr Obrigado por assistir Melhores jogos VR 2022 por gênero (todas as plataformas PCVR, PSVR, Quest)


31 thoughts on “Melhores jogos VR 2022 por gênero (todas as plataformas PCVR, PSVR, Quest)

  1. Great video! Loving my Quest 2, even more so with Virtual Desktop connect to my PC. Since you use KIWI as an advertiser I just wanted to put in 2 cents. I've gotten the headstrap, large controller grips, And the expanded face pad/interface. These 3 things have made the quest a whole lot better in a lot of ways. The grips knuckle duster straps are awesome for keeping your hands in place and keep em from getting tired. The facial interface keeps your head cool AND can let people wear their glasses comfortably while playing. THAT was a game changer for my boy, as he couldn't play with his glasses before and everything was just too blurry to enjoy. The headstrap is TOP NOTCH. Easier to put on and adjust for anyone, and keep the unit TIGHT in position. This company ROCKS. I swear, lol I am not a shil, Just a very satisfied customer preaching the benefits for anyone who finds the vanilla unit lacking in many ways. Rock on all.

  2. 23:52 Sadly there has yet to be a true VR RTS game. It’s a glaring hole in the market and they are perfect for VR. All of these don’t have proper base building or strategy elements like StarCraft, Red Alert, Supreme Commander, Age of Empires, Command and Conquer, Planetary Annihilation, etc… have. The VR RTS games out now are just glorified tower defense games. Seriously why are they dumbing it down so much? Hopefully a true VR RTS game gets released soon.

  3. Hello Matteo!

    Thanks a lot for your fine content!

    NowadaysWhat would be the best VR set for PC gaming? Apart from the valve index, which would you say it's the best hardware plus game compatibility, and thirdly, price…

    Thanks again!

  4. im going to buy a quest 2, one question when you mark the game in the video as "quest" or "quest2", the quest 2 can run quest 1?
    and so quest 2 cant run skyrim? isnt marked in your list but on steam it is..

  5. I didn't see a few games… one of my fav From Other Suns,.. Zero Caliber, Contagion VR: Outbreak, Elite Dangerous, VTOL IL2 Sturmovik, DCS, Microsoft flight sim 2020, VOX Machinae and many more that you did NOT mention.. that are head and shoulders above most of the games you did mention… dang guess you didn't spend much time on this video it seems..

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