50 NOVOS próximos jogos do Nintendo Switch AINDA EM 2022!

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36 thoughts on “50 NOVOS próximos jogos do Nintendo Switch AINDA EM 2022!

  1. my guess for scarlet and violet is gonna be a mix of sword/shield and arceus. Maybe it will be open world again with no gyms, but you live in a town that animated like in sword and shield. that's what I'm thinking based off of the trailer.

  2. As a switch owner I feel switch does not have any good games these days, Xbox has better games because at least this week we get a plague requiem for free on game pass

  3. is there anything you can do about the spammer/scammer reply messages i get when i comment on your videos. I dont even wanna comment anymore. I have to delete them to get the replies from the fake you to stop. They keep trying to refer me to a youtube page that looks like yours but has no videos.

  4. i have ps4 but im maybe gonna get a nintendo and no this is not just a random vidio i saw i have been watching your channel for a bit now

  5. I got Persona 5 Royal steelbook edition bc I was getting jelly watching my brother play it. I never got a chance to play it in the PlayStation. So I’m getting it in the switch 😊

  6. Hollow knight silksong is really the only switch game, or game in general I'm getting exited for right now. I never really played much of kingdom battle so I'm not 100% sure if I'm gonna pick up sparks of hope.

  7. i actually beta tested Speedstorm honestly its not bad the power ups are unique and the game modes are fun i just hope that they fixed the AI catch up speed cause that sht was crazy

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