Os 10 melhores jogos do Mario para o Nintendo Switch

Aqui está minha lista dos 10 melhores jogos do Mario para jogar no Nintendo Switch. Deixe sua classificação nos comentários abaixo! Curta e inscreva-se para mais conteúdos como esse! As imagens selecionadas usadas neste vídeo vêm dos canais do Youtube para Nintendo, IGN, ShiryuGL e Icicle Glaceon.


46 thoughts on “Os 10 melhores jogos do Mario para o Nintendo Switch

  1. I've not had a Nintendo console since the GameCube so have no idea what I'm talking about but I'm surprised none of the sports options made the list. I remember really loving Mario Tennis on the N64. And there was a football one on GameCube that was pretty fun too.

    I really want to get a Switch for some of these games though, even if it's just for Mario Odyssey, Party and the compilation game with Sunshine, 64 and Galaxy.

  2. I’m convinced the mispronunciation of compilation is done purposefully to get people commenting. That said, NA YouTubers mispronounce words quite frequently, so who knows.

  3. Surely the only hard choice to make is what order to buy them. I went for 3d all stars and odyssey first. I have them all now but just got into speedrunning. And I'm only doing it for sunshine. It's literally the best mario game for me. Even more so now than 64.

  4. All of the handhelds had the best fighting games on them 😐 TEKKEN and DEAD OR ALIVE on the psp , 3ds , ps vita and the wii u !!!!!! IT IS TIME FOR TEKKEN 7 AND DEAD OR ALIVE 6 TO BE ON THE SWITCH !! THE SWITCH IS BECOMING THE BEST HANDHELD OF ALL TIMES !! AND IT DESERVES THE BEST !!! 😡😤 SO MAKE IT HAPPEN NINTENDOOOOOO !!!! And don't forget about the rest of resident evil games !!!!!!!! 😤 #bandainamco #koeitecmo #capcom

  5. mario 3d world has always been my favorite 3d mario games simply because I don't like open world games. there is some fun with odessey but I've always just been more of a fan of 2d mario games

  6. Do you think Crash Bandicoot is better? I'm a PS guy and never own a Mario game, i just thought Nintendo overly milked Mario by selling is nostalgia and overly put the characters in as much genre of games as possible to have new stuffs

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