【NintendoSwitch】Teste de velocidade de carregamento – cartões microSD vs armazenamento interno vs cartão de jogo

Versão do software do sistema NintendoSwitch: 6.2.0 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Versão: 1.5.0 (DLC Ver.3.0) Cartão microSDXC Samsung EVO Plus de 512 GB UHS-I U3 256 GB Cartão microSDXC Samsung EVO Plus UHS-I U3 128 GB SanDisk Exteme Pro microSDXC Card UHS-I U3 V30 A1 64GB SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring Card Class10 32GB 山の奥 microSDHC Card Class10


41 thoughts on “【NintendoSwitch】Teste de velocidade de carregamento – cartões microSD vs armazenamento interno vs cartão de jogo

  1. 512GB is faster than 256GB thing !!?
    first, my conclusion: 128 GB microSD is best speed, because it should have 4 of 32GB Prime chips and can handle 4 lanes Well.
    (256GB chip looks kinda new architecture, not handle the 4 lanes well).
    in 2022, 32GB and 256GB are defact standard of the size, Easy Cheap Prime chip for any microSD.
    We can tell it from the price, 32GB($8) < 64GB($12) < 128GB($18) <<<< 256GB
    ↑ Why 64GB and 128 GB are so cheap relative to its size ?
    Because they are just combined product with 2~4 of [32GB Prime chips] with outer 4 lanes.

    The difference is… 32GB(single prime chip) use 8 GB-Section/ lane,
    128GB(4 of prime chip) use 32 GB-section/ lane.

       Now, look 256GB and 512 GB Samsung. Why there is a difference ?
    i think, it is Because 256GB chip is new architecture(i mean, new [256GB Prime chip]).
    and doesn't handle 4 lanes well with 64GB-Section/ lane.

    and next, 512GB, this guy working better, because it has Physically Separated 2 of 256GB chips.

    So, it is easy to Managing and Contolling , with 128GB-Section/ lane.

  2. thx for the comparison, it really helps ! seems like it doesn't really matter whether to play on cartrige, sd card, or internal memory…

    but the 32GB old micro sd is really slow though… other than that, for me 8 more seconds on load time is not a significant problem…

  3. I have a Gigastone card that takes FOREVER to load (Luigi's Mansion 3 takes roughly a minute and a half to load the title screen). I'm ordering a Samsung EVO card as they're on sale and a second or two difference isn't that big of a deal. Hopefully it helps. Thank you for this video!!

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