23 OBRIGATÓRIOS possuir RPGs de Switch

Hoje, compartilhamos nossos pensamentos sobre RPGs MUST OWN para o Nintendo Switch. O console está na segunda metade de seu ciclo de vida agora e esses são os jogos que você não pode perder! Certifique-se de compartilhar o seu nos comentários! _________________________________________________________________________ Siga o HBTG: https://www.youtube.com/hallowedbethygame?sub_confirmation=1 ____________________________________________________________________________ Entre neste canal para ter acesso às vantagens: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcKYFt5JaVCLxLv2xG2V5WA/join #NintendoSwitch #SwitchPhysical #switch Dusk Diver 2 Review – https://youtu.be/mVKtMvdCGjg Jogos no vídeo de hoje: Intro: 0:00 SMT 3 & V: 1:20 Octopath Traveler: 3:13 Astral Chain: 4:24 Fire Emblem 3 Houses: 5 :57 Xenoblade Series: 7:33 Dragon Quest 11 S Ecos of an Elusive Age: 9:15 Dusk Diver 1 & 2: 11:01 Ys VIII & Ys IX: 12:27 Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: 13:45 Atelier Ryza 1 & 2: 15:05 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim: 16:31 Dark Souls Remastered: 17:45 Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore: 19:43 Tales of Vesperia: 21:01 Trials of Mana: 21:52 Final Fantasy XII A Era do Zodíaco: 22:39 Obrigado por assistir: 24:00


22 thoughts on “23 OBRIGATÓRIOS possuir RPGs de Switch

  1. I’m so glad I found your channel. You have almost the exact same taste as me and I’m finding out about great games thanks to your great videos. Hope your channel keeps growing you seem like such a cool dood!

  2. Great list. I have to agree on almost all of these. BUT….. I think you missed two in particular that need to be mentioned.

    The first I will say is CrossCode, a solid action rpg that feels like what happens if we had mmos on the snes, yet it itself is not an mmo, just uses one to help tell a pretty amazing story. I consider this an amazing game for anyone into titles like zelda or the mana series.

    The other I feel you missed is Pokémon Arceus. This to me still remains the one that got me back into the idea of catching pokemon as a trainer, and added elements that are very unique and fun. I love how it has Pokémon from many different entries, and even has you sent back in time by the main man Arceus himself! Amazing title worthy of anyone's playtime.

    As an aside I also am saying an honorable mention in Divinity 2, which I say is a DND for the modern Era. Super fun and very tactical, with memorable characters and a very well made combat system built around abilities and spells. Only digital sadly but still a title worthy of mentioning.

  3. if anyone can help it, please do not get dark souls or any souls game on switch. Part of the experience of these games is the graphics. Some of the monster truly are so well done when you see them in HD and the switch simply does not offer it

  4. I legit exclaimed, "Ah, bro!" when you opened with SMT5! That game was damn near life changing! The de-facto reason I bought a Switch. Bought the OLED back in March with a copy of SMT5! I was a PS4 guy for years, but had to cop that Switch to check it out! I have SMT3 for PS4, but haven't played it yet. I bought 2 different 3DS systems specifically for SMT4 and it's sequel, so those might come first while I finish uploading my Soul Hackers 2 Playthrough, lol.

  5. DQ11 is so good I bought it twice. I got the original version on Steam, then the definitive edition when that got released, and yeah, worth it.

    I'd say just go with the definitive heh, no need to own 2 copies, but it comes with a lot more content.

  6. dude, I am glad that I saw your video. I never play the Xenoblade series because of the mixed review and I got soo confused, but last week I watch your video and decided to play. it's great man I am loving this 😄

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