Nova venda da Nintendo ESHOP já está disponível! 10 Abaixo de $ 10! Ofertas Nintendo Switch ESHOP!

A mais recente venda da eshop do Nintendo Switch tem muitos novos preços baixos! Baixe o Opera GX gratuitamente aqui: 10 ofertas para você hoje cobrindo os EUA, Canadá, Reino Unido, UE e Austrália! Quer vales-presente de eshop com desconto? Confira e insira o canto do código no checkout para 10% de desconto! Obrigado a RedDeerGames por patrocinar o vídeo de hoje! 0:00 Introdução! 0:28 Patrocinador: Opera 1:28 Grapple Dog 2:06 Sorteio 2:15 Crédito ESHOP com desconto 2:28 Fenotopia 3:09 Arise: A Simple Story – Definitive Edition 3:52 Wallachia: Reign Of Dracula 4:36 Farm Tycoon 5 :17 Descenders 6:07 Freshly Frosted 6:48 Black Future ’88 7:41 Penko Park 8:51 Death’s Door Quer apoiar o canal? Discord: Patreon: PlayStationCorner: Merch: Inscreva-se: www. ————————————— ————————————————– —————- Aqui no SwitchCorner estamos aqui para lhe dar todas as notícias e comentários do Switch que você precisa? Quer ver ou ouvir sobre um jogo, deixe-nos saber nos comentários abaixo! ————————————————– ————————————————– —– Novo Nintendo ESHOP Venda agora ao vivo! 10 Abaixo de $ 10! Ofertas Nintendo Switch ESHOP! #switchcorner #eshop #nintendo #ofertas


34 thoughts on “Nova venda da Nintendo ESHOP já está disponível! 10 Abaixo de $ 10! Ofertas Nintendo Switch ESHOP!

  1. Thanks for watching, liking and subscribing! Download Opera GX for free here: Grab discounted eshop credit from and use code CORNER at checkout for 10% off! It’s instant delivery via email. Check out reviews from today’s video below:

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  2. Descenders looks hella fun. I'm checking out your review right away 👌🏻 Im also getting deaths door, I was waiting for this sale!

  3. I don't see it often recommend, but for people that like point and click adventures, I would recommend Stick it to the man! and Flipping death from same studio.

    It's movement is platforming but everything else is just like point and click adventures. I like both, but I think first one has better pacing.

  4. Hopefully I can pick something up on sale next week because this week, my wallet is still recovering from buying P5R for my Switch. I love it even more because I can play Persona on my lunch brake and commute. I played the vanilla P5 and Royal on PS4 for so many hours I feel like I know the game almost by heart, but I never get tired of it.

  5. Hmmm … Death's Door, maybe, but I'll probably wait for an even higher discount. My backlog is already huge enough anyways. But then again, whose backlog isn't? 😀

  6. Phoenotopia Awakening is such a gorgeous game all around. You cannot go wrong with that one and I make it a point to recommend it every chance I get.

  7. Nice. Descenders is one of those overlooked games that definitely deserves more love than it gets. I've put more hours than I like to admit into it, ha. Glad to see it mentioned here.

  8. Will have to try and grab Phoenotopia if I can next pay! Possibly Penko Park too.

    I have Farm Tycoon, bit more intense than I had expected though so haven't played it much lol

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