Este vídeo é de cerca de 15 grandes descontos na venda ESHOP do Nintendo Switch. Eles são uma pechincha a esse preço. Mais vídeo de venda da eshop chegando. Se inscrever! – Lista de jogos – Alien: Is?lation ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights Hazel Sky Porta de De?th Skyr?m CAR?ION The Wonderful 101: Remastered Descenders The Mu?my Demastered The Outer Worlds Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics John W?ck Hex LEGO Marvel Super Heroes D??M Eternal Call of Ju?rez: G?nslinger


20 thoughts on “VENDA MASSIVA Nintendo Switch ESHOP!

  1. Hey guys I’m looking for game recommendations. I just got done with cult of the land and I don’t know what to play next. For some reason Hollow Knight wasn’t for me (probably cause I’m bad and I don’t like traveling all the way back to get me soul)

  2. I highly recommend Ender Lilies. The game is hard and somber, but beautiful and satisfying when you beat the odds. Think of it as a Dark Souls Metroidvania. Oh, and Mili (One of my favorite bands) even did a song for it.

  3. A while ago there was a blockbuster sale on eShop im sure u remember
    I bought persona 5 strikers then, but didn't get SMT V and SMT 3 which I'm regretting sooo much. Go check their sale price during that time! It was a massive discount on these games, and they almost never go on sale!
    The point is, if it's on sale, buy it!

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