Os 25 melhores JRPGs do Nintendo Switch de todos os tempos | 2022

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25 thoughts on “Os 25 melhores JRPGs do Nintendo Switch de todos os tempos | 2022

  1. Great video! I know Xbox won’t have as many, but can you do one for Xbox JRPG? (Last time you did strictly JRPG was 2 ish years ago, but there’s been more additions since then especially since Microsoft been aggressively trying to get them on their platform).

  2. Great video, thanks for including all kinds of stuff. I dont really mind if you stretch the genre, after all this is less a ranking to me and more just a video to find a lo of different games. Its great to branch out for those then. Just in general: i really like your top games videos, i usually find at least one game that i havent really been paying attention to that much but seemed really interestinf within your video.

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  4. I love jrpgs but I don't know why I'm burnt out I don't know why I don't hate jrpgs I should try to give some popular ones a try like Xenoblade games I should play are the story dlc for Xenoblade 2 worth it?

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