Meus jogos de Nintendo Switch favoritos de TODOS OS TEMPOS

Aqui estão meus jogos de Nintendo Switch favoritos de TODOS OS TEMPOS, onde listo meus 10 jogos de switch favoritos. Inscreva-se: | Assista aos vídeos mais recentes: Siga Eeowna Instagram: TikTok: Twitch: Twitter : Assista a mais vídeos! Animal Crossing: Pokemon: Sobre o Eeowna: Bem-vindo ao canal oficial do Eeowna no YouTube! Neste canal você encontrará uma variedade de conteúdos, incluindo Animal Crossing, Nintendo News, Últimos Lançamentos da Nintendo e muito mais! Certifique-se de se inscrever e habilitar TODAS as notificações! #switchgames #NintendoSwitch #TopSwitchGames


28 thoughts on “Meus jogos de Nintendo Switch favoritos de TODOS OS TEMPOS

  1. Puddles! I am getting a switch for Christmas. I am 38 and this will be the first console I've ever owned. I grew up watching my brother play countless games on countless systems. We would play a lot of multi-player games but he would usually kick my ass. I've never been very good at video games but the Switch seems like it has a lot of games that would be suited for me. I'm very excited 🙂

  2. Splatoon isn't a first person shooter. That would be something like halo or call of duty, in the first person view (where you see the gun and arm only, basicaly). Splatoon is a third person shooter, and so is gears of War or fortnite. Now if splatoon has a first person mode then maybe I would understand, but even then, it would still be considered a third person shooter.

  3. I'm curious about her accent. Anyone know where she is from? She puts an R sound into almost every word and I have not heard that before.

  4. what games and console would you recommend for someone who is new to the switch consoles? I am undecided between the switch lite, the LED switch or the normal switch….(the last console I played was gameboy colour and ps2 lol i'm more of a PC gamer)

  5. Puddles. 😀

    I don't have a Switch (broke indie game designer here) but you've convinced me that I'm going to have to move up my timeline for when I get one. I've been getting by with a wii u and other systems, but I can see this is necessary. Also wanted. So, thanks for that!

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