Jogos Aconchegantes como Stardew Valley | Jogos de simulador de agricultura e muito mais no Nintendo Switch

Lista de todos os meus jogos e jogos de simulador de agricultura favoritos que me lembram Stardew Valley! Quais jogos eu perdi? Quais são seus jogos favoritos no estilo stardew no Switch? 1:12 – Jogos 10:12 – Conclusão oi, meu nome é Kat e sou uma jogadora acolhedora que mora no Reino Unido. Meus jogos favoritos são simuladores de agricultura, jogos de aventura em mundo aberto e jogos narrativos pesados ​​e baseados em decisões. se você gosta do meu conteúdo, significaria o mundo para mim se você se inscrever e curtir o vídeo! Estou em uma missão para tornar qualquer jogo aconchegante, então pegue seu chá ou café e vamos aos jogos. 💖 redes sociais: instagram: twitch: discord: twitter: tiktok: https :// 🛒etsy store: sobreposições de contração, predefinições de fotos e planejadores! Música fornecida por GameChops, álbum Coffee Break


13 thoughts on “Jogos Aconchegantes como Stardew Valley | Jogos de simulador de agricultura e muito mais no Nintendo Switch

  1. I loved watching your recommendations, and it cracked me up because I could have said almost everything you said in the intro about myself, too! From A Wonderful Life on GameCube being my favorite game as a child/teen and incredibly comforting, relaxing, and meaningful to me, to me being extremely type A and hyper-organized haha (my fiancé can't stand to watch me play Skyrim, I loot EVERYTHING and meticulously organize it in chests 😂). Can't wait to try some of these recommendations that I haven't tried before!

    Also, to share something since I think you'll feel my pain here, I'll never forget when I was 13 years old, and had been playing my very first AWL playthrough/save. I started the save at 7 years old and I was about 5 years in and had spent SO much time in that game (I know 5 years is not crazy long, but for a kid it was forever and I had spent so much time building up my farm and relationships). A younger kid I was babysitting wanted to play, so I let him. I came back from using the restroom and he had saved his game over mine 😭😭 there were even open save slots available. I know he was like 8 and probably didn't have any idea what he was doing or that he was saving over my game, but I literally cried for hours and was really upset for weeks. It absolutely destroyed me. To this very day, every game I play gets two identical save slots, and I save both every time, so that this will never happen again. I am 25 years old and I still don't think I have fully gotten over it 😅😂

  2. When the survivalists came up my brain went "ooooh that sounds cool. I wonder what it's about… probably survivaling"… Anyways I really enjoyed this one Kat! The artwork in a few of these looks SO nice! I like the idea of Littlewood and instead of saving the world, you've done that already and you're onto the part that you normally don't get to see? Very cool 🙂 Thanks for another banger video!!

  3. This is a wonderful video. I feel like Stranded Sails and Yonder were really advertised as much more farming sim than they actually are. I've played both and while I did enjoy them for their own reasons, I got them as new farming sims to try out so was disappointed that in both I basically set up the farms then they were mostly automatic. I'd categorise them both more as adventure/Zelda-like games, but as I said still worth getting.

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