O iPad mini 6 é o MELHOR console de jogos portátil! Veja o Nintendo Switch!

O Nintendo Switch é uma máquina de jogos móveis incrivelmente popular. Mas o novo iPad mini 6 da Apple é bastante competitivo. É por isso que acho que o iPad mini 6 é o MELHOR console de jogos portátil que você pode comprar! Desconto no iPad mini 6 👇 Melhores preços do iPad mini 6 ➡ https://prices.appleinsider.com/ipad-mini-6 Ofertas exclusivas com este link e código promocional APINSIDER ➡ https://adorama.rfvk.net/KeOa4v Instruções de ativação: https://appleinsider.com/deals/adorama#apinsiderhelp Também disponível na Amazon ➡ https://amzn.to/3m93r7D Nintendo Switch 👇 Na Amazon ➡ https://amzn.to/32dbzh1 Target ➡ https://goto. target.com/EaOrRW Best Buy ➡ https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/JrOeR2 Capítulos ➡ 0:00 Introdução 0:49 Que tipos de jogadores? 1:42 Especificações de exibição 2:22 Processadores 3:05 Saída de TV 4:01 Conectividade 4:58 Controladores 7:12 Disponibilidade de jogos 10:54 Resumo Obtenha os preços mais baixos em hardware Apple: Macs – https://prices.appleinsider.com /current_gen iPads – https://prices.appleinsider.com/ipad Apple Watches – https://prices.appleinsider.com/apple_watch AirPods – https://prices.appleinsider.com/apple-airpods https://appleinsider. com/help/ethics/ Siga-nos nas redes sociais: Twitter – https://twitter.com/appleinsider/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/AppleInsiderdotcom/ Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ appleinsider_official/ Baixe nosso aplicativo iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/appleinsider/id578462575 Obtenha uma avaliação gratuita das melhores músicas para seus vídeos via MusicBed: http://share.mscbd.fm/appleinsiderofficial – – Para todas as notícias de tecnologia da Apple de que você precisa, visite ➡ appleinsider.com Nosso equipamento de vídeo ➡ https://kit.com/AppleInsider/video-production — — Novo aqui? O AppleInsider existe desde 1997, cobrindo tudo e qualquer coisa da Apple. Este canal do YouTube oferece a melhor cobertura para qualquer coisa relacionada à Apple. Novos MacBooks? Nós os cobriremos! Novos iPhones? Nós cobrimos você sobre isso também. Quer aproveitar ao máximo seu novo produto Apple? Temos vídeos para ajudá-lo com isso. Certifique-se de se inscrever, comentar e compartilhar nossos vídeos!


40 thoughts on “O iPad mini 6 é o MELHOR console de jogos portátil! Veja o Nintendo Switch!

  1. I’ve got both. Though you make some valid points about iPad versatility the Switch is far less cumbersome to use and superior for mobile gaming than the iPad. Also the switches do have built in Ethernet on the OLED models. If you want to play indie or retro games at all the switch is the only option along with first party games. You can load dolphin onto an iPad and play things like wii games but it’s still very limiting when Nintendo is now offering retro counsel games that are constantly being added.

  2. At 8:35 you hit it on the head. If you want Nintendo exclusives, you will pay.

    Don't get me wrong, my friends say I never miss an opportunity to shht on Nintendo, which is true… That said, I own a Switch because I want to play Zelda and Mario. It is what it is.

    For nostalgic cartoon games, sure a dockable handheld with poor performance is OK. But once we start talking about the latest graphics demanding games, skip the handheld and just give me a PS5 or XBOX(for the same price as an iPad mini).

  3. Just to add in 2022, some premium games are already on iPad that would normally be reserved for "true consoles". Gunfire Reborn, Dead Cells, Dystmantle, Divinity Origina Sin 2, Minecraft (which works better on the iPad than on the Switch), White Day, Night in the Woods, random stuff by Square Enix, Octopath Traveler (different, but still good), Hyperlight Drifter, My Time at Portia, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Streets of Rage 4, Swords of Ditto, Pascal’s Wager, all good games on iPad.

  4. You sold me one of these and I wasn't even in the market for a tablet to game on 🤣 I wanted one to draw on. But I do love gaming and find it increasing difficult to find the time so once I saw this review it was a huge bonus and sealed the deal on the iPad mini for me. I found them brand new for £395 (about $460, usually they're around $560 for the 64gb one here!) And took the plunge. Awesome review, thanks man.

  5. Switch – Most Portable and Weakest Console
    SteamDeck – Most powerful yet Heavy Console
    Ipad Mini 6 – Powerful and Portable, but don't have as many games……

    It's always something very important missing….

  6. your "5 min" didn´t convince. no.
    who´s streaming games from pc when it´s next too me? on the go? no, I can´t stand that lag.
    where are all those indie games on ipad which make the switch so unique?? not even talking about nintendo 1st party.
    ipad has a better screen? you should see switch OLED bruh…

  7. Idk why just iPad tho, I can do all that on my Tab S7+. Maybe cause it's smaller and more portable? The switch also has Bluetooth for your earbuds and honestly, switch games are way better than what any app store can provide. Cloud gaming on the other hand is a big seller, but again that's another monthly fee for a game you'll never keep. Mobile gaming is very tricky, but if your honestly interested I'd suggest the new stem deck. I'm not saying the IPad or tablets aren't worth it, hell most games run and feel amazing on this tablet, but having both the Switch OLED and Tab S7+ I still game more on my switch. I've tried all streaming services except the PSNow one, cause that one is only on PC. Look if u want portability and great graphics and have good internet, by alll means try cloud gaming, it's pretty mind blowing. If you want portable gaming without an internet connection, the Switch or stem deck are a must. Like he said there's a gamer for every genre, I can't tell y what's better cause I may game differently. Great video btw and have a good day gamers.

  8. Ik what ur trying to say but no way iPad is better than switch in terms of gaming it's just powerful than switch that's it the game library is way better in switch than iPad Mario luigi , kirby other exclusives zelda like only a single switch game is better than whole iPad game library so buy that fkin switch over iPad anyday in terms of gaming

  9. I have the iPad mini 6 and I do use it to play some games. Getting a switch in a few days. I love Apple and I’m locked into the ecosystem but the switch is better for games. It’s not even debatable. Even the Nintendo games that came to mobile are weak, watered down versions of the games you can get on a Nintendo switch.

  10. I just thought of something just imagine the Nintendo Switch using the a14 or up it would be so much more power efficient heck the battery life on it would be amazing along with the insane power!

  11. How can u make a video about gaming on ipad and not talk about emulation. That's the main aspect in which ipad outperforms the switch. If u r not into emulation. Switch is a better gaming device.

  12. Written November 24, 2021
    Knowing that mini 6 is 8.3inch vs new Switch OLED at 7inch makes you appreciate how massive Apples tiniest iPad is. No wonder it’s the most newly popular mini tablet of 2021 and outsold the newly debuted IPhone 13 along side it

    Btw Feral is releasing Alien Isolation to mobile December 16, 2021

  13. This is clearly a biased review. You clearly have something against Nintendo.

    I have both devices and am a fan of both Apple and Nintendo. I would accurately say that they’re different platforms for different purposes.

    Nintendo has a lot of the best games that the industry has ever seen with a vast library of triple A games, both 1st and 3rd party. It has official controllers with HD rumble, arcade sticks, steering wheels and an abundance of 3rd party controllers including Hori and 8bitdo. It’s a true console and sports an OLED display with Bluetooth headsets. You will not get the same gaming experience on an iPad full stop. This is a dedicated gaming platform and also has tons of Japanese games too, as well as their retro libraries with replica retro controllers. Not to mention Neo Geo too.

    The iPad is a wonderful casual gaming machine, but doesn’t have official controllers. It must be used on a table – you can’t comfortably play it in a train or bus. The digital controls are cumbersome too. Also the streaming of Steam, Xbox and PlayStation services suffers lag and you need an internet connection, something that is useless while travelling. Apple Arcade has substandard games and can’t even hold up to Mario Odyssey, Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Street Fighter, etc. Outside of that, most games need a subscription and are prone to being erased or not supported in the future. I lost tons of money on games and apps that I realised I don’t actually own, even though I paid for them. It’s a rip off in the long term.

    We don’t need fast WiFi for Switch games, I don’t get lag issues and I own all 620+ of my games. I can choose whatever controller I want, even Ring Fit or Nintendo Labo. I have all my Japanese fighting games, as well as Witcher III, Bayonetta 2, killer RPGs and more. They’re all native are upscaled from 1080p with my TV anyway, especially when using an AudioQuest HDMI cable.

    Your review is unprofessionally biased towards Apple and an distrustful disgrace to journalism.

  14. I’m the ultimate Apple fanboy but even I have to admit that anything but casual gaming on either the iPad or the Mac just isn’t there yet. And may NEVER get there. Why? The most fantastic specs in the world do nothing if the software isn’t there. And Apple clearly doesn’t give a sh*t about gaming on iPads or Macs. Until I can play the same AAA games I can play on a console on my iPad or my Mac, I’ll still be stuck gaming on either a cheap-o PC purchased exclusively for gaming or on a dedicated gaming console. All of which is a real shame since the new iPads and Macs blow the doors off their competition in specs and in software developed by Apple and its trusted/supported partners. It’s long past time for Apple to either spend some of the $$$ they have in the bank to buy an established gaming software house (one of the biggies), go into a supported partnership with one or several of them, or just fund a development team themselves. Although, if Apple Arcade represents Apple’s vision for gaming, maybe they should forget in-house development. I pay for Apple Arcade as part of an Apple One bundle and have yet to find a single game worth spending my valuable time playing. Come on, Apple; get with the program already. Stop leaving us with devices that—with respect to gaming—have a million dollars worth of promise worth 2 cents on delivery!

  15. It’s hard to advise portable gaming based on streaming and cloud solutions. It requires a stable and decent internet connection.
    Nintendo has over 4000 titles you can download on the eShop and play offline. With all the money you saved on not buying an IPad Mini to game on, you can pick up 4 full price titles right away.

    You knocked Nintendo for the joycons but praised the iPad for controllers Apple doesn’t make. There are plenty quality controllers available for the switch.

    Strongly disagree with your take on this one

  16. Ita debatable. Z fold 3 is there as well, with the gorgeous 120hz display absent in this mini, Also its not portable like the fold. You cannot carry it in your pocket. I would buy a fold instead of buying iphone and ipad mini separately. Considering Samsung care is there, its massive value for money

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