Mario Party Superstars NÃO é o que eu esperava…

O Mario Party Superstars no Nintendo Switch é o MELHOR Mario Party em ANOS? | Acesse para obter 15% de desconto em seu pedido! Trazido a você por Raycon! Honestamente, Mario Party Superstars NÃO é o que eu esperava. My Twitch – THANKS TO TOAD / MISSCLICK – Obrigado aos meus amigos por jogarem comigo no Twitch: AJ – https://www.twitch. tv/fanatixfour SKOOT – BAHB WULFF – Editado por – ME Business Email – Siga BeatEmUps no Twitter – @BeatemupsWood On Facebook – Instagram – @BeatemupsWood Apoie este canal – Comprar Merch – Equipamento usado nos vídeos: Câmera: https :// Lentes: Áudio: Luzes: Cartão de captura: Wood Hawker – PO BOX 2971, Burleson, TX 76097 “Isenção de direitos autorais De acordo com a Seção 107 da Lei de Direitos Autorais de 1976, é permitido use” para fins como críticas, comentários, notícias r eporting, ensino, bolsa de estudos e pesquisa. O uso justo é um uso permitido pelo estatuto de direitos autorais que, de outra forma, poderia estar infringindo. O uso sem fins lucrativos, educacional ou pessoal aponta a balança a favor do uso justo.” Todos os clipes e vídeos pertencem a seus respectivos proprietários.


26 thoughts on “Mario Party Superstars NÃO é o que eu esperava…

  1. EDIT Hey! So turns out you CAN play online with randoms, I was just looking in the wrong place for that. SO, i have edited that part out of this video. It was only a 30 second part, and it doesn't affect or change my review at all. Thank you everyone who noticed the mistake! NOW… Let the game BEGIN ○△□ 🍄
    Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon! 🔥

  2. I had been debating for a while on buying Mario Party Superstars cause I knew I’d only ever play solo or with the computer/random people. I ended up getting it on a $40 deal but I haven’t opened it yet.

    The other games I had debated on buying for awhile other than Mario Party Superstars were: Super Mario Odyssey, Donkey, Kong Country Tropical Freeze or Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

    Any suggestions or input on whether I should keep Mario Party Superstars or should I have purchased one of the other 3 games I was undecided on instead??

  3. Can someone tell me why these Chris's Pratt memes were literally over a year ago before he was even cast as the Mario voice for the new movie next year 😭😂 please someone! Google won't help it keeps telling me about the new Mario movie 😭😂😂😂

  4. The only complaint I have is that the game needs like at least 1 or 2 more boards. That and having the ability to block out certain mini-games. Actually, a campaign could have been real nice like the older mario parties where you could unlock certain boards and mini-games by doing certain things. Other than that, this is the best mario party we've had in awhile.

  5. "Raycon has sponsored the channel every month for the last two years" and I have skipped every raycon sponsor ad on every channel every month for the last two years

  6. But why only 5 Boards! I cant even start understanding it… God forbid Nintendo release a remastered Mario party game with… i don't know… 7 – 10 boards?! And the characters! Why so few?! -_-

  7. I played this game with my wife last night, with 2 computers i feel like i could of been 2nd place at least, computer rosalina did the best cuz of course computers always do better for some reason i thought she was going to be winner, but my wife that did the worst performance in the gane with least stars, less coins lost almost all mini games exept like 2 i let her win cuz she had no coins, and she ended up winning the game 1st place i was 3rd, i was like wth never again im playing this unfairly game

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