Metroid Dread: os primeiros 15 minutos de jogo

Aparecendo pela primeira vez em 2005, Metroid Dread permaneceu na mente dos fãs por algum tempo. Agora que está aqui, confira os emocionantes momentos de abertura do jogo da campanha. #IGN #Gaming #Nintendo


42 thoughts on “Metroid Dread: os primeiros 15 minutos de jogo

  1. Got my OLED yesterday (Never owned a Switch) After set up, threw my headphones on and popped this in for the first time.

    That intro music with the recap (dating back to Super Metroid) is definitely a top 3, all time favorite!

  2. This game is OVER-HARD. Think twice before you buy The 11-hour completion time does NOT include: map time, game over screens, between-game-deliberations. You'll have a hefty serving of all three of those, so for the more casual gamers out there you may want to triple the time required to beat. Also, quadruple your level of frustration throughout.

  3. Been a Metroid fan sic super Metroid in the 90s. Haha but as high tech as Sammy and her Ship is, the voice audio output is terrible 😂. I’m thinking of getting this game. Although I’ve grown to like the 3D Prime Series / First Person much better

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