Análise HADES Nintendo Switch!

Eu não planejava revisar este, mas estou amando! Aqui está nossa análise completa de HADES no Nintendo Switch! Prepare-se para alguns infernos mortais! #HADES #Nintendoswitch #Review ASSINE se você gosta da falta de rostos bobos nas miniaturas e análises reais em profundidade! HURRAH! Mark e Glen Switch Up 125.500


49 thoughts on “Análise HADES Nintendo Switch!

  1. Back once again with a review I didn’t intend to make but a few days back you all just started to ask for it. I bought it. Couldn’t stop playing and well…the rest is history! Let me know what you think of this one! Mark

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  2. Bull sh game with no save points. What's the point of a game with no save points. Play for 2 hours and died and have to start all over. What's the point no better than a phone game worst game I own. Don't buy unless you like doing the same sh over and over with no save points.

  3. Thanks for your reviews because of this video I picked it up on sale last week for 50 percent off your reviews are amazing and I am also addicted wish I picked it up physically

  4. This game is quite good but not great, on market we have better roguelike/lite games. For me Darkest Dungeon, Sunless Sea, Binding of Isaac, Dead Cells or even City of Brass are superior than Hades

  5. I would probably been handing out the same type of scores after 12h of gameplay. Now I played 300h and recently got the final ending and still have some story. So those scores have gone up.

  6. If you weren’t willing to go the full 20 for audio on this game I am assuming you just don’t give a 20…ever. This game has one of the best soundtracks, the voice acting is out of this world, and sound effects are good. What more could they have done to earn a 20 in that category?

  7. Hey Glen & Mark I just want to say thankyou for creating this channel I finally treated myself to hades after watching your review over and over and I am so impressed! Since following your channel I’ve picked up so many games that I probably wouldn’t have even looked at and expanded my game collection beyond puzzles, simulations and RPG’s. The reviews you guys give are so honest and reliable so thankyou again for keeping me entertained with your videos and helping my gaming collection grow and most of all keeping me occupied why I recover from a motorbike related leg injury. Thanks Dan

  8. Just bought this on the E-Shop for 17 bucks, it looks amazing. I bought Doom Eternal, Dead by Daylight and Hades. Hades looks light years better than both of the other games.

  9. I've watched your review on this a few times because you always find a reason to bring this game up, I just got it on sale and I'm soooooo pumped to play this one after all the hype.

  10. Mate at work recommended this to me tonight. Ordered the physical edition, don't mind paying the premium. Looks good! Arriving tonight!
    Been playing the shit outa West of dead and i love it. Less see if this can pull me away

  11. When I first saw this game I was like .. ehh it looks pretty cool but idk..

    But after seeing what it's all about and watching a few videos of people playing it, WOW.. I'm getting this as soon as i can. It's really awesome. I CAN'T wait to play this!!!

  12. Screw it I keep hearing about this game and nobody shuts up about it which means I ultimately have to buy it.. I'm not familiar with the genre but I do love the mythology aspect

  13. First time im on this channel, coz obviously i wanted to see how Hades is on the Switch. But the first think i thought after seeing your intro, why not putting a light switch as "sub" button or something like that, which goes up when clicking….. "switch up"… u get it? … hope im the first doing this one. xD

  14. I've been on the fence about this game for a while, but this review convinced me. You guys do an awesome job of showing what playing the game is actually going to be like.

  15. Ummm… Did you really compare Hades to TETRIS???? That's absolute nonsense. Tetris has no story and no real progression of how you play. They're completely incomparable.
    Also, the idea that every game needs multiplayer or co-op is nonsense. Hades is perfect as a single-player game. It's like you're grasping for a fault, making up a false negative, just to have something you say you criticized.

  16. If anyone is trying to decide between switch or PC version I get 700 FPS on pc vs the 60 FPS Switch offers. The PC version is very different feeling and much better.

  17. I don’t think there has ever been a game where I’ve died constantly and still felt like I was progressing the plot somehow. And the feeling of getting stronger after every death and getting a little bit further each time is quite satisfying. I’m obsessed with this game right now, it’s so addictive!

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