Análise do Digimon Survive Nintendo Switch – vale a pena?

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28 thoughts on “Análise do Digimon Survive Nintendo Switch – vale a pena?

  1. Imo though, this kind of gameplay is super boring… and Im kinda disappointed. The long wait and hype is just a waste of time, Im really looking forward to this game and was hoping Ill get the old brawl and fighting style gameplay of digimon but except this is what they resolved into.

  2. So quick question is this game worth it if I already don’t care about story…’s not that I hate it I just mainly play games for the gameplay rather then story or very rarely like I play the pervious cyber sleuth games for the gameplay rather then story so if this game worth for the team forming and fighting alone?

  3. There’s absolutely no way this game is worth the $60 when compared to any other Digimon game…. I’m surprised the games budget was increased by a lot.

    It looks like a flash game… the battles feel like a random tacked on thing.

    If you’re looking to watch a “choose your own adventure” Digimon game, this is ok. But you’re paying $60 to watch this series. And then randomly play a little Digimon battle game on the side that uses cardboard cut out looks, not even 3d rendered.

    This was vastly different than what was first announced. The Digimon roster is tiny. In fact this story could’ve been about anything, the Digimon aspect feels tacked on.

    Digimon cynersleuth is like $15 on sale…. Do yourself the favor and wait till this is 75% off.

  4. Look if people let this game fly like this, and any other one for that matter like this, it's only going to be a matter of time before publishers are putting ebooks on the console and claiming they are video games. This is not worth $60. If you want to tell a story great i'm all for a story but this wasnt right what they did to people.

  5. I got to part 12 today. The game is like a darker ace attorney where insteas of Maya you have Agumon and theres Fire Emblem gameplay.

    Game is far better than expected. A sequel with Veemon would be nice.

  6. What i like about digimon franchise is that they aren’t afraid to venture into unknown territory whereas the more popular franchise like pokemon stuck with the same style with improvised graphic

    Digimon has it all…. fighting game? We have some….. tamagotchi like game? Plenty…….. turn based rpg? Pick whichever you fancy!!!…. online game, card game and many others….. and now they’re trying for visual novel with horror elements

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