Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order – Antes de comprar

Ultimate Alliance 3 (Nintendo Switch) marca o retorno de uma amada franquia de jogos de quadrinhos. Faz jus ao original? Vamos conversar. Inscreva-se para saber mais: ▼▼ Compre Ultimate Alliance 3: Assista mais ‘Antes de comprar’:


30 thoughts on “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order – Antes de comprar

  1. honestly Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 is by far one of my absolute childhood faves, I remember playing it with my sister as a kid and it was FUN, in fact, even though my ADD was REALLY bad as a kid, it actually was the first game I ever beat, unfortunately we lost that X-Box long ago and as well, the old games are off market which sucks, especially since I never got the chance to play the second one, but I'm still really glad for the memories I have of it, so I actually really hope to be able to pick this one up some time, cause I remember a lot of good things about the old games

  2. This looks like it was meant to be a live service game with all the currency bullshit and that awful challenge mode but they pulled it out when they realized Nintendo isn't down with that crap.

  3. Just bought it new, would return but I think it's better in a trash can. I honestly thought this would be like marvel vs capcom but it's more of a weird adventure game I do not care for.

    Perhaps 2.5D gaming is still the best. Too much focus on graphics and arts takes away from the immersive story and action these games used to have. It's not even pleasant to look at, if we're being honest.

  4. I wish reviewers had been honest about just how miserable the camera is in this game… Between the camera and the nearly 1/3 second controller lag, I find this game to be completely unplayable (not to mention literally every attack from every enemy knocking you down, which is not only frustrating, but compounds the camera issue).

  5. It is kinda fun. BUT ITS SO FREAKING REPETITIVE. Every thing outside the main story is just the same 3 lvls from the story. The previous games I felt looked so much better, the shading and animations in this one just feels lazy. The game just feels super freaking lazy with itself

  6. The camera is way worse in couch co-op. It kinda feels like the developers put couch co-op in as an afterthought and only playtested the level in single-player mode.

    There are some maps where you can't even see the enemies if you're playing with a partner, like Wakanda and some parts of the X-Men Mansion. We had to drop out back to Single Player mode to unfuck the cameras and get through certain sections

    Buyer beware

  7. Nintendo published this ya know lol that is why it's switch exclusive they have the right to do that it's essentially their game they promoted it funded it published it paid for advertising etc.

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