20 NOVOS jogos do Nintendo Switch em novembro de 2022

O Nintendo Switch está tendo um ótimo ano em 2022. Hoje vamos dar uma olhada em 20 novos jogos do Nintendo Switch que serão lançados em novembro de 2022. — Jogos neste vídeo — Pokemon Violet & Scarlet Aragami 2 It Takes Two Harvestella Sonic Frontiers SIFU Tactics Ogre: Reborn Oddworld: Soulstorm Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch Doraemon: Story of Seasons – Friends of the Great Kingdom Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising Simulador de batalha totalmente preciso Aeterna Noctis Resid?nt Ev?l 2: Cloud Garfield Lasagna Party Cardfight !! Vanguard Dear Days My Fantastic Ranch Saint Kotar Ghost Song Rem?rse: The List Resid?nt Ev?l 3: Cloud


35 thoughts on “20 NOVOS jogos do Nintendo Switch em novembro de 2022

  1. FIANLY CARDFIGHT VANGARD WILL HAVE A ENGLISH GAME, i have been waiting for this for years, i just hope it is exactly like the card game and not some changed version like they have on mobile phone.

  2. Wow, Aragami 2. I did not expect a sequel but I kind of liked the first one. I'll definitely get Tactics Ogre Reborn, even though I watched a video of all the new changes they made and I am not happy about most of them but it's still Tactics Ogre. Also, it's always nice to see cloud games. Aren't the Resident Evil games already on switch? Are these more remakes of remakes?

  3. damn….resident evil cloud… i like that game..but i dont like cloud version.
    and wait for other games too.. plus one more is that tactic ogre from psp version or it has get more contents????

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