Guia Completo do Nintendo Switch Físico vs Digital!

Neste vídeo, vamos dar uma olhada nos jogos de switch físicos e digitais. Este vídeo deve ajudá-lo a decidir qual formato é melhor e vários motivos para cada um. ********************************** Twitter – Discord – https:/ / Inscreva-se – ******************** ************ Por Anton Retro **Este vídeo é apenas para fins educacionais**


39 thoughts on “Guia Completo do Nintendo Switch Físico vs Digital!

  1. I should have mentioned that if you plan to go Digital, an SD Card is a must have but isn’t required. The Switch has 32GB of internal storage which is fine but not enough to store an entire library of games. Check out the 6 CHEAP Must Have Nintendo Switch Accessories video for more info ->

  2. I only buy physical for exclusives and just buy everything else when they will be on atleast 80% discount on eshop. though im all digital for my ps coz they eventually sell their exclusives for cheap.

  3. If I have a choice between cloud version or physical games , then for sure physical. Other wise digital . It is just faster easier , more portable ….it is future technology .

  4. i do think digital might be better if they decide to make the next console has backward Compatability and they are going for disks or difrent cartridge and in the rare scenario digital only

  5. Hi I have question. What about Fall Guys game and Youtube on eshop? Both apps are free, If I have family subscription, can play together under 1 family account? or it wont work?

  6. Tried going all physical but some games got released in sales I had to take advantage of. Now I’m probably 80/20 physical. Only digital are the e shop sales and possibly the various Pokémon games for switching monsters around

  7. I wonder if buying Physical will be better in the long run due to Nintendo being like "No more Eshop and no more way of downloading your favorite games anymore that you rightfully paid for, sucks to be you."

  8. The disk have better graphics & sound just like streaming movies vs watching the Blu-ray. Play smoother with more color. That’s my pro and con. The download gives you a compressed and upscaled version of the same game you get full and native on the disk. 🤦why are we still here? This all started with the 360 ps3 era.

  9. I'm on the middle about this. I stick with physical versions for the big name games like Botw, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Smash Ultimate, Mario Kart, Mario Strikers, Splatoon 2&3, etc.
    But I buy the digital version of indie/less known games since they were/are much cheaper in digital and get on Sale constantly. So far haven't found much of an issue with either so it seems like a preference thing👍

  10. Help I have lost my acnh cartridge and I cannot find it if I buy the game digitally will the content from my save transfer I have hundreds of hours and really don’t want to lose it please help me

  11. I got physical games for my Switch and am regretting it because it's a pain in the ass to switch out the game cartridge with my fat fingers. Plus when I'm switching games, I feel like I'm damaging the label with the oils in my skin. Moving forward, I think I'm going to start buying digital versions of games that I foresee having tons of replay value (e.g. things that I play competitively, especially online), and physical versions of games that I think I'll play through once or less and then resell (e.g. games that are more about the story than the game play)

  12. How about game like GTA definitive edition where the base game is unplayable and have to update it even the physical version? It make no sense to have a physical game at that state to achieve the game in long run right, we have to wait until the they reelee the game in fully patched version that able to just slot in and play without much update needed

  13. Is The catridge is part of the experience too, popping out and switching a other catridge game in, all digital lose this experience isnt it?

    If you dont play nintendo franchise games, shoukd you still get Nintendo Switch for the house of the dead remake, 51 board game and other third party games? Make sense to buy on Switch or Steam for these game? Always a PS guy, never had the experience other kids had back in the day to habe a portable device that hold catridge game, maybe i shoukd give switch a try to discover things i didnt like or havent know i actually like?

  14. I personally go for both physical and digital though I sometimes lean a lot more on physical and it usually comes down to what game I’m looking forward to and the file size
    However I never see myself going all digital, I like having digital games but I don’t want all of my games to be digital. I can definitely see myself going all physical at some point but for now I go for both

  15. I prefer the physical copy of the game, specially when other people you know like friends and family members have the Nintendo switch, you can let them use the game one your done for free 😁

  16. So if you download all of them on the switch doesn’t that mean you can easily transfer them to another switch if you have two ? So it’s probably better to do that if you have both right. And then if you sell one just delete your account from that one

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