Comparação da velocidade de carregamento do novo Super Mario Bros. U Switch vs. Wii U

Versão do Wii U rodando no disco e versão do Switch rodando no cartão SD


50 thoughts on “Comparação da velocidade de carregamento do novo Super Mario Bros. U Switch vs. Wii U

  1. I'm both a modder and reverse engineer of this game and I know for a fact NSMBUDX takes more time to load levels, at the very least, and that is because they are using RGBA8 textures for the tilesets, whereas the original NSMBU used BC3. The former (a tileset in NSMBUDX) is bigger in size, so it takes longer to decompress, because all files are compressed with an algorithm called Yaz0.

    Additionally, in NSMBU, all of the level's resources are in one file, whereas in NSMBUDX, they are separated into multiple folders. Therefore, the former (NSMBU) only needs a single file read, while the latter (NSMBUDX) needs multiple file reads.

    I have been researching NSMBUDX ever since it was released, so I'm pretty confident in what I'm saying.

    Also, for those of you who are defending NSMBUDX because of the sdcard, watch any gameplay online that runs from a cartridge and you will see that NSMBUDX on the Switch is still slower than NSMBU on the Wii U.
    NSMBUDX really is the inferior version between the two.

  2. Rip

    Switch has better quality but Wii U had faster loading times. If they hadn’t made the switch and continued to upgrade the Wii U, Nintendo would’ve turned out better.

  3. Wait, I saw something german!
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  4. I’m honestly sad the Wii U didn’t pop off, it was a genuinely good idea that built off the Wii
    I feel bad for those who don’t have it and can’t actually experience.
    (Probably resort to playing on a boring computer)

  5. This game is objectively worse in every way on Switch. I don't know why it couldn't have just been the Wii U version the way it was. Instead they made bones changes and omissions to the game. Yet still charged full price.

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