Como usar os controladores Wii e WiiU – no PC – Play Emulators & Xbox Gamepad Supported Games

Apenas um tutorial simples sobre como converter WiiU Pro, Wiimotes e Wii Classic Controllers para Xbox Controllers Para uso no PC! Quer controlar seu novo 3DS com um Gamepad? Clique aqui: Baixe aqui:


40 thoughts on “Como usar os controladores Wii e WiiU – no PC – Play Emulators & Xbox Gamepad Supported Games

  1. Thank you so much for this, it works perfectly.

    Be aware this software replaces your bluetooth driver, so if you want to connect your device just via "Windows Bluetooth", uncheck the "Bluetooth Driver" box during installation and everything will remain the same. No problems in use and you still have your bluetooth functions. If you select to replace your current bluetooth driver, the recognition will be more fast and automatio, it's like dolphin's bluetooth passthrough.

    Anyways, the program works perfectly both ways, thank you a lot. Really!!!!

  2. Nice Tutorial. However, when i'm only using the wiimote, it works fine, but if I dare use the nunchuk, then only the nunchuck is working… I triezd every profile, it's always the same… anyone had something similar ? Any tips ? Thanks 🙂

  3. When im connecting the wii u pro controller, it is recognised when synicing but then doesnt appear, and when i go to bluetooth it says that it had a driver error, any guidance?

  4. I followed all your steps yesterday and it was working for a bit! Now I cannot sync my controller through WiinUsoft.. Sometimes my controller even shows up in WiinUsoft and I can verify it and everything but when I go to start a game it says "No Controller". I have a feeling in order to have the games work I must be able to sync the controller in WiinUsoft by pressing the red button on the back of my Wii remote. But for some reason it won't sync anymore. I really don't know what's wrong as I've tried everything..

  5. Excellent video! I watched this on 1/1/2022 and it worked! (I used Win10, Wiinusoft 3.4, Generic Bluetooth Dongle, 2 Wiimotes + Wii Classic Controller). Just one thing that happened to me. When installing the SCP driver, I had to uncheck the Bluetooth Box that appears in the window dialog (the video shows it checked) because if I install it while being checked, the driver disables my bluetooth and its impossible to pair anything (since its disabled and doesn't show on Win10). Aside from that, it works wonders!

    Since the program makes it to detect the wiimote+classic controller as a xbox controller, you can also use it on Steam/Epic games launcher without problem!

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