Todo mundo AMA o WII U agora?! – Previsão de 25 preços de jogos [Retronomics]

O Wii U foi um console fracassado em comparação com o Nintendo Switch e o Nintendo Wii. Mas isso não significa que não houve bons jogos! Embora rejeitado pela comunidade de jogos por toda a sua vida, agora o Wii U e o 3DS eShop estão fechando, levando muitas pessoas a olhar para o sistema sob uma nova luz. E está afetando os preços dos videogames retrô. #wiiu #snicktendo #retronomics Não se esqueça de curtir e se inscrever! Siga-me no Twitter/Facebook/Instagram @snicktendo Música de E usada com permissão sob a licença Creative Commons


43 thoughts on “Todo mundo AMA o WII U agora?! – Previsão de 25 preços de jogos [Retronomics]

  1. I like how you do price analysis videos because I feel like the price of games is something a lot of Youtubers tend to avoid for whatever reason. I think it’s important to the hobby to discuss prices because most collectors are everyday people just getting by. On the topic of this video I feel it’s people bandwagon collecting WiiU. People hear other people talk about how rare and “WiiU will be the next Saturn/GC”, so they panic buy all the desirables. I feel we should stay away from that mindset. Buy only stuff that has meaning to you. Me, I never cared for the WiiU, and knowing I can get “X” WiiU game now for $50 when in a year it may be $100 isn’t enough to make me wanna collect WiiU. Now if only I can use that mindset on the consoles I DO care about.😬

  2. The Nintendoland pack-in is great fun! Gimmicky or not, I dig it. I have been hitting up GameStops over the past year, but they seem to only have 3-4 games at any time and they are always rough and incomplete; much disappoint. :/

  3. Your video title reminds me of The Amazing Spiderman after No Way Home came out. All of a sudden, people love Andrew Garfield Spiderman? Where were they when the awesome TASM2 came out!? Bunch of posers lol

  4. I don’t think that the Wii U is that great of a system. I don’t like that a lot of games require the game pad.

    I still have my Wii U that my Mom bought me for Christmas.

  5. I loved the Wii U. I defended and talked about the Wii U to anyone who has a horrible opinion about it. Luckily I gotten all games I wanted because they were so cheap. Gamestop was selling Wii U games for chomp change.

  6. Im fortunate enough to have Devils Third and only paid $45 when it came out
    Within a month it was almost $200!
    Also have Twilight Princess with the amiibo(big collector have around 130)

  7. The wii u was my first console and it was absolutely incredible. I got mine in 2014, with Super mario 3d world pre installed. I was a young child back then, so i wasn’t focused on video games. But whenever i played, it was an EXPERIENCE. The best part is that whenever my parents were watching tv, i could still play some levels in mario. About 7 years later, I have an xbox and a quest 2, but i still have the wii u. I am currently on a journey to beat 3d world and have so far beat 2/12 worlds. Overall, its an awesome console.

  8. I've always liked the wii u, has games on there that you need a gamepad to really experience.
    Additionally even though the virtual console lacked smash bros on that shop it also had Harvest moon 64, one of the rare titles i believed required a battery on the original n64 cartrage, and don't forget about the first 2 golden sun games

    Its such a shame they never managed to actually release a wii u Yugioh arc v game since using the gamepad to play the duel while running around to collect action cards to use would have been a unique experience

    Overall we want the people to simp for the wii u now since its literally the only way to buy games from that storefront as well as get the fabled Xenoblade x dlc

  9. Ok the Wind Waker HD on Wii U is not anywhere near $135… it’s $40-$60 on eBay. If this guy gets one that wrong in the first 2 minutes of the video I think I’m all set, thanks for the useless information

  10. Out of all the Nintendo consuls I really have no interest in the Wii U whatsoever most of the good games that were on the way you have been poured it over to the switch my mind is the ports of wind Waker and twilight princess other than that there’s really not much of a reason to collect or get a Wii U

  11. i really impressed how good Nintendo game on Nintendo Switch and its been 3 year since i got my switch, and now i'm start curious about wii u games and why this console flop and why no one talking about it and then i realized wii u has good game too, i've been playing on emu since there is no wiiu available in the market and damn i really enjoy my time with it, gonna buy the console if there available in my local gameshop.

  12. Another thing to know about Wii U disks is the invalid disk error. I have 2 clean, scratch free disks that do this. I have 27 games but 2 of them give me the error message. Anyone else have this problem?

  13. Can someone please explain what the hell is going on with Game and Wario? I know it’s a game that pretty much can be ported but it’s a major Nintendo release. It had to have sold fairly well. And it’s not exactly an amazing game. I just don’t get how the price has gotten so out of control.

  14. Hot take: Twilight Princess and Wind Waker are not coming to the Switch. Nintendo has never rereleased remakes/upgrades this close together. I think those HD remakes will stay on the Wii U until we get the successor to the Switch.

  15. Was wondering if you will do a vid on 3ds games. I bought fire emblem fates special edition I thought 360 was a lot but since hearing about the 3ds store,I looked it up and some sellers are asking over 1500 complete by pre owned, it's crazy how these prices went up.

  16. Bought devils third after seeing this. It’s still cheap in the UK (80 dollars). Normally find that we take on the US’s trends, so I expect it to rise pretty rapidly

  17. As someone who got into the Wii U right before they stopped supporting it this annoys me greatly. I have ignored the Switch (though I'm planning on finally getting one soon) and stuck with Wii U (and PS3) and grabbed the vast majority of my games when they were dirt cheap.

    For years the most I paid was $35 for both Zelda Wind Waker and Twilight Princess together. I figured prices wouldn't get too out of hand until whatever replaces the Switch comes into existence so I didn't go all out like I could have.

    I own about a third of the total library. I could have at least half or a full set if I thought prices would increase this soon. I actually, because of that, for a while was focusing on Wii U Merchandise: Various Wii U Mario Maker items like Snow Globes and Rubik's Cube, Mario Kart Flag, and Gamestop window displays like Bayonetta 2.

    I figured I'd have time to put some money aside to purchase Devil's Third and I had planned on my next purchase to be the Kirby game for around $30-$35 like it had been for a long time so I was not pleased to see it between $60-$70.

  18. I bought a Wii U in late 2014 just in time for Smash. And by "just in time," I really mean just in time. Remember that Smash 4 GameCube controller and adapter bundle? Yeah, I was searching for the chance to preorder one forever until just a week before it came out. A local Best Buy just so happened to have stock and I snagged it at the very last minute.

    The downside was they slapped a huge sticker right on the front of the box. Thankfully, it wasn't a flakey sticker and the adhesive wasn't forever glued onto the semi-glossy finish of the box. I gently peeled it off with no residue left over. Crisis averted. Now the box sits proudly on my shelf next to my other similarly sized special edition Wii U game boxes. Yes, I have the one for Xenoblade Chronicles X too. Remember when you could get that one for like $45?

    But yeah, I also remember back in like 2018 when people, especially Nintendo fans, seemed to almost unanimously hate the Wii U. If those same people eventually want to collect for it, I don't want to say they've been warned. But how about we don't make any more videos of people destroying the consoles, okay?

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