Wii U – Vídeo de visão geral

É hora de uma experiência Nintendo totalmente nova. Wii U não é apenas um console de jogos, é uma porta de entrada para diversos entretenimentos com um toque no gamepad. #WiiU Inscreva-se para mais diversão da Nintendo! https://goo.gl/HYYsot Visite Nintendo.com para saber das novidades! http://www.nintendo.com Curta a Nintendo no Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Nintendo Siga-nos no Twitter: http://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica Siga-nos no Instagram: http://instagram. com/Nintendo Siga-nos no Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Nintendo


48 thoughts on “Wii U – Vídeo de visão geral

  1. Bruh kinda Nintendo fault for marketing bad the console people believed it was an accessory for the wii but at the end it was an awesome console if only they could think of a more original name they could sell it alot

  2. Wii U needed an incredible launch game but didn't have one like Nintendo Switch, sad 🙁
    At least a lot of great games came out throughout the years, Xeno X, Splatoon, Smash 4…

  3. I thought the wii u looked neat seeing how their taking a spin on the wii after 15 years but I can't find a wii u anywhere (Yes I looked for the "U" on the box)

  4. This console wasn’t designed poorly. It’s a really good idea. Everybody wants the switch but EVERYONE knows a combination of the features of switch and Wii U would pretty much make the perfect video game console

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