My Wii U Console Collection


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  1. Man I remember when my dad bought me and my brother a wiiU bundled with Mariokart8, 7year old me never understood it supported multiplayer (even thought we probably sunk 1000hours) but all 3 of us would spend an hour and a half on vacation nights lowering our time trial records. 😌 the good memories of my first video game experiences

  2. I remember when i was a kid and i felt so sneaky for importing the Mario maker amiibo with blue overalls from japan, on the playground I was a big deal

  3. Wii u is one of my favourite consoles but I only had the basic set. 32 GB is just as useless as 8gb and the white one isn't a fingerprint magnet. Fight me, Wozniak

  4. Thank you! Seems like Scott is the only other person on the planet to notice, that the Wii U Gamepas can't display the color red well. Already noticed in 2012 when playing NSMBU, that Marios Hat always had a distorted pixelated look to it.

  5. I never used my Gamepad enough to notice the colours, I've only used it when I had to for something like changing the settings or starting a game before the update that allowed other controllers to be used in the main menu. A hacked Wii U can play almost every Gamecube game upscaled and flawlessly through Nintendont app, but it cannot read the Gamecube discs.

  6. As an 100% ex owner of an wii U, and now for years an 50% owner of an Wii u can i say that the "just in case" its a very convincing argument for having a loot of wii us.

  7. I’ve had a wii u since like 2015 or 2016, lost the gamepad after a year, found it a few months later then lost it again, i’ve never found it but i found a good condition gamepad on ebay for $125 with all the stuff (charger, stylus, stand etc) a year and a bit ago so i bought it and i’m proud that my wii u is complete again… can’t wait to brag about having a rare video game console in 10 years!

  8. THANK YOU! Finally, someone else that acknowledges the rare Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bundle! I have that same bundle and most people have no clue that it even existed. I've seen other YouTubers talk about all the different Wii-U bundles and almost always, they miss that one. It's also my understanding that bundle was exclusively sold in Wal-Mart. I could be wrong but I only ever saw it sold at Wal-Mart when it released and that's where I purchased mine. LOVE the WiiU console. It's a shame that thing didn't got the proper chance it truly deserved.

  9. i still remember when thy hyrule historia released. it was when i was in 6th grade and my bf (only consider him a bf bc we dated for over a year, otherwise wldnt count him bc it was 6th grade) was SUPER obsessed with loz so in turn i was also obsessed with loz. he came to school one day and was like “hey i have smthn to show u at lunch” so i was waiting SO feverishly for lunch like “what does he have to show me” bc he was also a rlly good artist even by my current standards so sometimes hed show me his art and talk abt it and it was rlly nice. but i remember going down to lunch and seeing the big green book on the lunch table and we went through the whole thing over the course of lunch, recess, and after school during pickup. i still really want the book just because i love to collect fancy books related to my interests like that, but nowadays i would rather have the super mario encyclopaedia since i know way more abt the mario games (mainly the super mario series) than i do loz, a series ive regrettably only played a few games from. i never knew there was a hyrule historia digital download with the wind waker hd wii u or i probably wouldve begged my parents for a wii u LMAO

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