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Confira nossa análise do Wii U aqui Como o novo Pro Controller da Nintendo resiste à concorrência e foi feito para durar? O editor técnico da IGN, Nic Vargus, coloca o mais recente periférico da Nintendo na campainha. Inscreva-se no canal do IGN para resenhas, notícias e tudo relacionado a jogos: Wii U Pro Controller Video Review – IGN Reviews


27 thoughts on “Revisão de vídeo do Wii U Pro Controller – IGN Reviews

  1. The best controller ever made! Close second…the Gamecube Wavebird. What you say the Wavebird is better? Try using the Wavebird D-pad for precise gaming or fighters. Also, he meant Mini USB and not Micro.

  2. and til this day the Wii U Pro Controller battery life is unmatched on today's Consoles such as the PS5 and XBox Series X! Wii U is way better than the Nintendo Switch, since all the Switch games that are GREAT are just from the Wii U.

  3. Analog triggers & clicky buttons. That's all the Wii U Pro Controller needed to be something truly amazing.

    I know some are off-put by the parallel sticks. But A- It would have been cool if that was the visual difference between the Big 3 [DualShock, XBOX, Pro], & B- If you think of how the thumb travels on an XBOX pad, the placement totally works with Nintendo's "backward" face buttons.

    Man… The Wii U Pro & the GameCube Pad… 2 awesome controllers that are just a couple minor tweaks away from GOAT status.

  4. Couldn't make the gamepad 80 hours , ugh. Wii u is amazing!!! Time to buy if you haven't already. Especially if you love Nintendo games and family fun
    Or get that crappy RCA tablet with baby controllers aka the switch.

  5. At least it’s not like the switch. The switch pro controller also doesn’t have a headphone jack. The worst thing is that if you want to use voice chat in docked mode, then you have to sit close to your dock so that ur wire doesn’t anchor your neck to the dock, and you also need to sit close enough to where the screen is comfortable to see.

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