O que eu peguei: Ep. 40 – Console Wii U Kiosk e mais!

Incrivelmente feliz com minhas novas pick-ups! Agora tem uma configuração completa! …exceto por algumas outras coisas. Você vai ver. E eu tenho outra coisa que é legal também, eu acho.


14 thoughts on “O que eu peguei: Ep. 40 – Console Wii U Kiosk e mais!

  1. I think given the number of Wii U games and the backwards comparability with the large Wii Library, not to mention modding it to run ROMs from GameCube and other systems; this is a great addition to any collection. I like how little floor space it takes up.compared to other kiosks.

  2. Do you plan on getting the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy that's coming out soon? I would love to see another Crash Bandicoot walkthrough from you since you have the best commentary

  3. The error message that appears around 10:20 is due to the hub that the Wii remote and nunchuk not having a connection to the system. The kiosk console is normally connected to the controller hub with a standard USB 2.0 cable right next to where the power adapter connects.
    Anyway, fantastic looking kiosk! It's rare to see the wider Best Buy variation and yours looks perfect.

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