Cabo Wii U USB Y para problema de HDD externo com alimentação própria

Como alguns de vocês já devem saber, alguns discos rígidos externos alimentados por USB podem não funcionar de forma estável com o Wii U devido à falta de energia em uma porta USB. Se você tiver um disco rígido externo alimentado por USB que não esteja funcionando corretamente com o seu Wii U, precisará de um adaptador de alimentação USB com cabo Y que extraia energia de duas portas USB. VEJA O VÍDEO!! Cabo Y do adaptador de energia USB Apricorn AUSB-Y – preto/cinza 8-1&keywords=apricorn+y+usb Coolmax 2,5-Inch Aluminum USB3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure: /B004L9JZ9S/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1358580874&sr=1-2&keywords=coolmax


23 thoughts on “Cabo Wii U USB Y para problema de HDD externo com alimentação própria

  1. if i conect the y wire to the back ports it doesn´t work, However front ports work okay, how is that possible? does that mean that my usb ports on the back are broken? thank you

  2. Thank you for this video. I know it's 6 years after the fact, but I've been having problems with the hard drive randomly "disconnecting" or some sort of error. My console recognized the harddrive and stuff no problem. But I've been trying to move stuff around because I downloaded Fatal Frame on Wii U, and it is HUGE.

  3. ok so I was using a self powered portable hard drive and I had to transfer mariokart 8 onto it so I could download smash brothers

    i tried to play mariokart from the drive and it worked fine
    but when I did it for a second time it game me a black screen with an error and crashed the wiiU

    would this help me?

  4. Yep, doesn't work..
    I guess I'll have to buy a new external HDD that has its own power source, because even with the Y-cable I'm still running out of power (played couple of Super Smash Bros matches, and crashed twice because of missing power)

    I'm really starting to regret of buying this piece of sh.t console year ago, because it has been nothing but pain for me so far. The games on it are decent, but the tech used on the console itself is just…bad.

  5. I have a WD My book external hard drive that has its own AC power but there's times where i still get the error message of not enough power, can I safely use the y cable for this without burning anything?

  6. does anybody uses a Flash Drive (USB Stick)? I have one and once I put a game on it, works only one time. I can play the game normally on the first time and then, when I turn off the Wii U and turn on later to play again, i get the error (from power supplier of the USB port). Can someone help me?

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