Nintendo comenta sobre a compatibilidade com versões anteriores do Nintendo Switch de próxima geração…

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42 thoughts on “Nintendo comenta sobre a compatibilidade com versões anteriores do Nintendo Switch de próxima geração…

  1. Keep the oled switch exactly the same, and make a docking bay that accelerates it to 4k and 120 frames per second. I am not paying for a 500 dollar switch 2. making a portable switch with 4k on a six inch screen is wasted ,our eyes aren't good enough to pick that up, but put it on a 75inch tv and that's a different story.

  2. if the steam deck not coming to gaming industry,it will take longer than 6-7 years..cause at 1 point in 2017-2020,nintendo has already sold a lot of switch console
    then the steam deck arrive,nintendo felt they already had their biggest if they didnt come with a new hardware,they will lose now or later..

    hopefully by doing backward compatible with the old switch,the switch life can prolong
    advance graphic,better joy con,better ergonomic,better battery life,better screen..

  3. Had a Steam deck for a couple weeks I set it by my switch at night. Eventually I will find a reason to pick it back up and play Mario, or zelda. But the graphics difference, and the game selection difference is insane. Just picked up borderlands 3 for 12$ on steam. I prefer handheld only so wish a switch pro would just be a handheld with a cord to hook to a TV if you want to.

  4. Backwards compatibility is unlikely,
    I've seen leaked information of a mini disc that can hold upto 100gb of information, if Nintendo continues to use expensive nand flash storage, games on the switch 2 will be £70.00 or $80.00.

  5. If Nintendo releases new hardware that isn't called " switch "

    They're likely only gonna allow backwards compatibility only via digital games.

    So only if you bought the game digitally you'll be able to play it on the new console

  6. The next console MUST be backward compatible.
    Not only because every nintendo console from gb color and Wii were backward compatible…

    But also because backward compatibility has returned to be a big thing.
    Plus, they would be morons to NOT use the Switch's huge library for the next console, if it's gonna be a Switch anyway, thus forcibly separating it from its predecessor by NOT uniting the libraries despite surely being more possible than between 2 consoles with completely different form factors (like the Wii U disks, to the Switch cardtridges), would be very little justifiable.

  7. I think they will with the new "super nintendo switch 2" but they won't the next nintendo after that, normally how they seem to do it. 2 generations share games then restart.

  8. I've watched a few of your videos now, which are highly speculative, and that combined with us having to watch the Nintendo OLED ad running on repeat in the background is just really annoying production value. Not trying to be a negative nance, but I'd rather see you talking than that OLED ad one and a half more times.

  9. I have a feeling that Nintendo's next-generation video game console is going to be another hybrid just like the Nintendo Switch but I would love a new more powerful Nintendo home console so it'll have 3rd party games and I do like the hybrid Nintendo Switch but I want Nintendo to go back to just home consoles but I have a feeling that Nintendo's next-generation video game console is going to be another hybrid console because Nintendo's handheld consoles sold way more then their home consoles and maybe Nintendo can make a powerful Nintendo home console that has amd zen 2 architecture with 12 teraflops.

  10. If I cant use all my games on next hardware, I'm not getting it. Not being able to play awesome gamecube games on wiiu (along with wii having cool motion conteol games) is why i never bothered with wii U.

  11. I hope the new Nintendo Switch will be backward compatible. If Nintendo does not make it backwards compatible, it most likely will be detrimental to the platform and the company financially. Hopefully Nintendo doesn't make millions of people mad.

  12. All they have to do is try to upgrade the graphics and they'll have the best system on the market. But if they cant, why rush when the Switch is still really popular? We have 2 switch lites and a regular switch with plans to get an oled if a switch 2 doesnt come out.

  13. Why switch is so big. Sony stuffed up the PS5 launch and there's still a black market. I still can't get a PS5. That why the switch is killing it. Tbh this switch is at a PS2 Level. But handheld.

  14. The thing is we know nothing and Nintendo could do anything. It is interesting though that Wii was largely successful because of the motion control gimmick which was mostly but not completely a novel idea. The switch though simply has an old concept of the hybrid and motion controls which nobody has used. However this has made the switch hugely successful. This is probly the least gimmicky hardware they have released since gamecube. I fear they will try to make a new gimmick that will not be so successful. The number one thing I want is my digital library to be on the next gen console.

  15. From a hardware standpoint, how far could they push the cartridge slot? Because if they can iterate on that each generation as they did with the DS, DSi, 3DS and New 3DS (still hate that name), and iterate on the OS simultaneously, then backwards compatibility with physical copies (at least of Switch games) would functionally be a done deal.

  16. I'm sorry but people that continued to think the wii U was a tablet add-on for the wii are lazy and ignorant. Takes 3 minutes to realize it isn't. It was a great system if I'm being honest.
    I think backward compatibility is very important! I really think they need to! I think they should keep the same cartridge format as there are higher capacity carts they havent yet used

  17. Nintendo will do what they want, but if they do decide to go against backward compatibility, after a generation where they had a fanbase of 114+ million users (probably more like 150 million by the time the Switch is done), it will be the worst mistake they've ever made in my opinion.

  18. Need to maintain hybrid, boost graphics and performance. Aka 1080p 60fps handheld and 1440 docked would be nice, full backwards compatibility. And for the love of god support NSO plus more with more games per month and GameCube with the first game being eternal darkness. Come on Nintendo this can be done.

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  20. ……I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cartridges!!! It's a perfect throwback to NES/SNES while allowing for the potential of TB-sized games… I mean I used a 1TB storage card, so Nintendo better get on it… if the SuperSwitch can handle it all, that is…

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