Atualizando meu Wii U para 5.5.6 e experimentando o Tiramisu

Eu removi o PayloadLoader antes de fazer isso


25 thoughts on “Atualizando meu Wii U para 5.5.6 e experimentando o Tiramisu

  1. Weird. How did you get to update yours when I can't even update mine? Being destroyed by these error codes and trying hard to solve them. I always get the message: "Your system is to up date." Yet, I'm still stuck on 5.5.5.

  2. Hey man, i already did everything to update, the tiramisu thing is still working, but launching nusspli (1.99) shows the tiramisu needs to be updated, any help? Thanks a lot!!

  3. This is actually the first wii u update that patches the old versions of Haxchi/CBHC, if you update with an old haxchi/cbhc, it'll stop working and you won't be able to go into unsigned wii u apps like the homebrew launcher, so if you mod your wii u, I don't recommend installing the update.

  4. If TiramisU didn't have the stupid block updates thing then it would've been easier to update.
    Besides the last update which actually patched something was 5.5.3 (or was it 5.5.2?) Anyways the last time Nintendo actually patched something was in 2018, so why block updates when they will never patch anything?

  5. This is the first update that’s broken the older Hackchi/CBHC. It will basically remove your hack if you’re on the older hack. HOWEVER, IF you do update and it breaks your OLD hack, no problem, just delete all the old Hackchi “DO NOT DELETE” files from your WiiU and then do the Tiramisu hack and ALL your old unsigned roms (WUPS) will work again, your Homebrew channel will work again and your online will work again. And the nice thing is, you will be able to run just regular Wifi settings and access the eShop (well for as long as it remains) Hope that helps anyone worried. If you have the old hack, just go ahead and update, and then delete the old file and re-hack with Tiramisu and it will take you maybe 10-15 minutes and you’ll be back in business!!

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