UnBoxing – Nintendo Wii U Bateria de Gamepad de alta capacidade – Adam Koralik

Link Amazon.co.uk: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00EZPU0E2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 http://www.figureitoutproductions.com https://www.facebook .com/pages/FigureItOut-Productions/145760850834 Então, aqui vou mostrar a bateria oficial do Gamepad Wii U de alta capacidade da marca Nintendo. Este foi lançado no Japão e no Reino Unido. Apenas quantidades limitadas foram vendidas na América do Norte. Esta bateria permite até 9 horas de jogo em vez do padrão 3. Wii U Gamepad Case: http://www.amazon.com/Official-Gamer-Essentials-Wii-Nintendo-U/dp/B009NPA81E/ref= sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1405539357&sr=8-2&keywords=powera+wii+u


45 thoughts on “UnBoxing – Nintendo Wii U Bateria de Gamepad de alta capacidade – Adam Koralik

  1. Wow, I'm too late to the party. Amazon UK amazingly still sells the wii u extended capacity battery, but they don't ship to the USA anymore….

  2. Glad you didn't mention this thing specifically in the wii u 5 year video there was still one for me to get, but man this thing is destined to be like the gamecube component cables or vcd decoder

  3. I never saw this as a major issue because you can power the gamepad straight off of outlet power, so just play it with the charger plugged in. Basically turns it into a wired controller. It's a bit of an annoying work around but it's not like you can't play if the battery is low. It might cost you $5 for an extension cord if your outlet is too far away from your couch. I grew up with the SNES/PS1 so having a controller with wires sticking out of it doesn't bother me personally. Having a higher battery life would be nice, but I'm glad they didn't inflate the price of the Wii U further by forcing a high capactiy battery on us in the console bundle. I'm glad nintendo is selling these separately instead.

  4. I agree. When it comes to hardware, never buy third party. Always get official. Even back in the day, official memory cards were better and official batteries are better.

    Same with PC. Cheaping out almost always leads to disappointment.

  5. After watching this video I bought the battery straight away, why? Look at the GameCube component cable, Nintendo dropped it and it's now super rare and amazingly expensive. So I'm getting as much Wii U stuff as I can while it's reasonably priced before they go online at extortionate prices like GameCube games now are.

  6. good way to save battery is if your playing a game and decide to get something to drink or go to the bathroom or whatever is press the home buttom and then go to controller settings and set the display off also if your playing a game that doesn't need the gamepad and your playing on the tv to lower the brightness all the way that like doubles the battery in my experience

  7. Ja in Deutschland kann man die bei Saturn oder Media Markt kaufen, allerdings ist dieser Akku sau teuer.

    Yeah we are able to buy this in Germany. But that battery is one hell of expensive.

  8. My charge cable is long enough that it can reach the gamepad easily after 4 hours when I get a battery warning. I understand this might not be your case, but I will never have a problem like this and don't understand why it is such a big problem.

  9. @AdamKoralik I dunno if you are interested in this at all but Play-asia.com has the Japanese battery packs for $27.99 US plus shipping of course but still cheaper than the UK ones I have found. Also ordered 2 one for me and one for my girl. Thanks I didn't even know these existed.

  10. Dude get a different rubber for your pad i have i and it still charges in the stand 

    my wii u pad is always in the stand so its always full charge and btw afther 3 hours of nintendo i turn it of i love my wii u but i only play mario bross mariokart and smash  so not mutch to play on it 

  11. I hope Nintendo keeps the controller, and adds a 3DS player. I'd love to play some of those 3DS games, but I don't like playing on an handheld. I'd buy a WII U tomorrow if they announced one was coming out.

  12. I finally caved in and ordered a battery. The battery in the gamepad is just so terrible. If only Nintendo had this battery in the first place.

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