Wii U Acessórios 2: amiibo Boogaloo | Sarcasmo em geral

No episódio de hoje, discuto a entrada da Nintendo no estilo de jogo Toys to Life, o amiibo! OBRIGADO, PATRONOS! Jeri Callahan, Tony Goldmark, David Ganssle, The Rosen Hacker, Christian Hernandez, Dax Strife, Rob Beasley, Ryan Hipp, Adam M, Ian Clarke, Peanut B Crunch, Carla Hoffman, Nick F, Raleigh Funk, Matthew Bogatz, Lizzy Gravelle, Kevin J Gabriel, Nat, Alex Nuss, Mariah Sturgeon, Katherine Carter, Christopher, Morgan LF, Larry Chan, Patrick Thatcher, John Eric Hornsby, Dylan VanVooren, Marc Aquino, Michael Rose, Ed Vaira, Azreal Rou, Christopher Willard, Dom Smith e Michael Hamilton! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rbgprods Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThemeSnark Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/theme-snark-gift-shop RBGProds Classic: https:// goo.gl/1N1FSY #GameSnark #amiibo #WiiU


20 thoughts on “Wii U Acessórios 2: amiibo Boogaloo | Sarcasmo em geral

  1. Do Lego Dimensions! You'll love it! I will love it! The Starter Pack is on discounts now! Besides, you will love to get characters like Beetlejuice.

  2. On the same day, we manage to get your first new video of the year (Yay!) PLUS Tony’s new video PLUS we get a nice, completely unexpected visit from Garrett (I Really hope what was ailing him has subsided at least a bit!)…TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!

  3. Just wanted to say I finally spotted you yesterday at the Transformers ride when I was getting off. Wanted to yell out “Spazzmaster rocks!” As you approach the vehicle but you passed by the first one by the time the side doors opened. Maybe some other day if I ever bump into you in the park(I work in the upper lot at the Springfield area).

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